Why the Season of Good Tidings Doesn't Extend to Work

Why the Season of Good Tidings Doesn't Extend to Work


Four out of five people admit to being 'less productive' at work when they are hungover, either working at half their ability or describing the work day as a 'write off'. Forty percent of people also say they have skipped work altogether.

With the party season upon us, natural hangover relief supplement Hydrodol undertook an online survey on the topic of hangovers, which proved especially timely with 65 percent of respondents saying that they tend to drink more alcohol during the months of November, December and January.

The Hydrodol Survey on Hangovers was carried out during October and November online at Femail.com, receiving 1,014 responses (predominantly from women).

And whilst the incidence and impact of hangovers was sorely felt by many, the survey also highlighted that a large number of people are also employing strategies to minimize the effects of alcohol when they are enjoying a social drink.

"It is interesting to see a trend in people taking steps to reduce the impact of alcohol and ultimately the likelihood of a hangover, by simply drinking water and consuming food, or taking preventative measures such as a mineral supplement. These are all good strategies, as alcohol can deplete important vitamins, including B1, B6 and vitamin A, and exacerbate pre-existing liver conditions," says Gerald Quigley, pharmacist and medical herbalist.

The Hydrodol Survey on Hangovers Findings:

The incidence and consequences of hangovers:
65 percent of respondents said they tend to drink more during Nov/Dec/Jan
40 percent of people have taken a day off due to a hangover
83 percent of people say they are 'less productive at work' when they have a hangover
62 percent of people say they 'work to around half of my ability' when they have a hangover, 17 percent say the work day is a 'write off', and 8 percent say they 'arrive late and/or leave early'

How we suffer:
'Headache' was the leading hangover symptom (23%), followed by 'feeling tired and lethargic' (19.5 percent), 'lack of sleep' (7 percent) and 'stomach upset' (5 percent).
More than one in three respondents (39 percent) said they experience all of these symptoms (headaches, feeling tired and lethargic, lack of sleep and stomach upset)
What is the worst thing about a hangover? 'Feeling unwell' ranked in top spot, nominated by 45 percent of respondents, followed by 'wasting a day' (23 percent), 'damage to my health' (13 percent) and 'low/flat mood' (11 percent).
Other impacts included 'skipping exercise' (81 percent) and 'eating unhealthy food or overeating' (78 percent)

Hangover 'cures':
Water! One third of people say H20 is their number one hangover cure
Other 'cures' include 'a day in bed' (23 percent), 'painkillers/headache tablets' (21 percent), 'a fry up breakfast' (14 percent) and 2.5 percent of people choose to exercise.
When it comes to minimising the effects of alcohol, an overwhelming 61 percent of respondents said they 'drink more water'. Other strategies included: 'moderate my drinking consumption' (17 percent), 'eating' (7.9 percent) and 'taking a supplement during/after drinking' (7.6 percent).

"Adding something as simple as a healthy protein based meal when you are drinking alcohol, or taking a supplement, assists, by restoring adequate levels of important nutrients in the body," says Gerald Quigley.

"The way that supplements such as Hydrodol work, is through the combination of herbal ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes which support the body, and in particular the liver, as it detoxifies and processes alcohol. As a result, hangover symptoms such as dehydration, headaches and poor energy levels are reduced," says Gerald.

Hydrodol also includes the Traditional Chinese herb, KUDZU, and MILK THISLTE, a herb that has a long and successful history of use for liver health and detoxication. The 100% natural hangover relief supplement that is best taken while drinking, or the morning after. It is available in capsules and sachets online and at Chemist Warehouse and other pharmacies.

For further information on Hydrodol and stockists, visit: www.hydrodol.com.au