Why Sushi?

Why Sushi?

Why Sushi

Why you need to incorporate Sushi into your diet

Japanese food is one of Australia's all-time favourite foods. Everywhere you go you will always easily find a sushi train no matter where you go, and why shouldn't you? It's easy to grab a quick bite, there's plenty of variety and we believe it's a healthier alternative to that greasy burger. But how do we actually know if sushi is something we should be consuming more of. Sasuki know the ins and outs of sushi which is why they have put together some tips as to why you need to incorporate sushi into your diet.

Full of nutrients
– Consuming salmon and tuna is an excellent option as it is rich in omega 3s, high in protein and both great sources of vitamin B-12. They both lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels. Sushi is full of vital nutrients which is also great for brain food. Choosing sashimi or sushi that includes these two fish are the best options for a healthy diet.

Stock up on the wasabi and ginger
– Wasabi is not everyone's cup of tea with its strong, hearty flavour, but it's filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Wasabi rids the liver of toxins and carcinogens, is a low calorie food and aids digestion with its source of fibres. If wasabi isn't up your alley and you prefer something a little sweeter then ginger is the way to go. Ginger has a great amount of health benefits from aiding digestion to eliminating nausea and boosting your immune system. It is filled with magnesium, potassium and copper and studies have shown it can prevent skin cancer.

Great for the muscle builders
– Health and fitness is an extremely important part of an Australian lifestyle, and for those of you who want to feed your body with the right foods for building muscle, sushi is the way to go. As stated before sushi is full of protein which aids in a great food for anyone wanting to build muscle, and is excellent to be consumed right after a work out to feed your muscles.

Low in calories
– If you are watching your calorie intake and trying to follow a healthy diet regime then sushi is a great option. Sashimi and rice paper rolls are extremely low in calories and would be the heathiest options. Consuming sushi rolls with salmon, tuna, avocado and other vegetables are your best options. Any sushi that is lathered in sauces such a mayonnaise, any foods that are deep fried or cooked and marinated in spicy sauces should be a no go zone. While they taste great, these options hold a lot more calories than your other options. Avoid using too much soy sauce as well, as this contains a lot of sodium and swapping white rice for brown is also a better option.

Add more veggies to your life
– Sushi is a great way to incorporate more veggies into your life without making a conscious effort to include them. Veggie rolls which are a vegetarian choice are also a very healthy option. Starting your meal off with a miso soup is also a great way to fill up without consuming too much food, it also has been known to speed up your metabolism and boosts immunity.

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