What Happened?

What Happened?

What Happened in your childhood should be the question that unlocks the answer to your mental health.


Dr. Bill Saunders is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 40 years of experience as both a psychologist and as an educator. Dr. Saunders helps us to understand mental health by turning the 'What's Wrong?' assess, diagnose, treat model to the 'What Happened' model which explores events that occurred in childhood and adulthood that affect mental health and wellbeing. 


Dr. Saunders states: "If you consult a psychiatrist for assistance with a mental health problem you will be subjected to the "What's wrong with you?" approach. You will be assessed, diagnosed and then treated, most commonly with a pill to combat your purportedly biologically based ill. But what if this is a hazardous and flawed paradigm? What if psychiatrists are inherently unable to reliably diagnose what ails you? 


Or, despite the listing of over 250 'mental illnesses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, what if there are only eight different types of interventions available to treat this myriad of different 'mental illnesses?' Furthermore, what if you take pills that change your brain biochemistry, but the biological basis of all the purported 'mental illnesses' are unknown?

 Could there be an alternative? And just maybe, are we being asked the wrong question?"


What Happened is available on Booktopia, Amazon, and in leading bookstores from the 13th of May 2021. 


Oprah has just released a book called What Happened To You? Which Dr. Saunders says is an important coincidence.


Dr. Saunders concludes: "I believe that Oprah's book is a significant and important coincidence, that is not random. There is a mental health crisis and the current way of responding with 'what's wrong with you?' just isn't working.  If it was there would not be a crisis. If the drugs are as good as they say if the diagnosis was as reliable as they pretend why is there a crisis?  Oprah's book is the brain science of trauma mine is filled with stories of trauma."


What Happened is available on Booktopia, Amazon  and in leading bookstores


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