What Does Your Favourite Cheese Say About You?

What Does Your Favourite Cheese Say About You?

What Does Your Favourite Cheese Say About You?

Everyday Cheddar, shaved Parmesan or the ultimate Brie? What's your favourite cheese? The type of cheese you pick says a lot more about your personality than you could ever have imagined!

In the lead up to National Healthy Bones Week (August 4 – 10), Dairy Australia has commissioned research to discover what our cheese choices say about us. The new findings suggest the type of cheese Australians

choose to eat is not just about what is palatable to our individual tastebuds or the best calcium boost for our bones. Instead, the data indicates choosing a cheese variety may be strongly influenced by our individual personality traits.

Eighty per cent of people surveyed consume cheese at least twice a week and the study found an interesting correlation between their personalities and the type of cheese they consume. The analysis has created distinct profiles of Australian cheese lovers, enabling us to understand the psychology behind the cheese choices we make.

Below is a summary of the cheese personalities identified:

Cheddar eaters: Know what they want

Camembert / Brie eaters: Life and soul of the party

Edam / Swiss eaters: Shy and caring

Blue cheese eaters: Friendly and social but set in their ways

Parmesan eaters: Bubbly, outgoing and active

Mozzarella / bocconcini eaters: Disorganised but always stick to the rules

Feta eaters: Never on time

Cream cheese / ricotta / cottage cheese eaters: Reflective and thoughtful

'We know Aussies love their cheese, which is a good thing because it is nutrient-rich and can be consumed at any time of the day," said Glenys Zucco, Dietitian at Dairy Australia.

'Cheese plays an important role in helping many people meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which recommend up to four serves of milk, yogurt, cheese and/or alternatives each day depending on age and gender."

According to Ms Zucco, while it was unclear why certain groups of people choose one variety of cheese over another, personality appears to have a bearing.

'This fascinating new research emphasises the love affair Australians have with their cheese. It's a passionate topic of debate and who would have thought that the type of cheese you eat could say so much about your personality?

'Cheese is one of the most versatile dairy foods around and is one of the biggest contributors of bone protecting calcium in our diets," she said.

National Healthy Bones Week is a timely reminder of the key role calcium-rich foods play in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and the prevention of osteoporosis, with a special focus this year on the nutritional benefits of cheese.  

For more information on National Healthy Bones Week, visit www.healthybones.com.au or join the conversation at www.facebook.com/HealthyBones and www.twitter.com/HealthyBonesAU