Well Naturally

Well Naturally

Well Naturally

Trusted healthy food brand Well Naturally is committed to providing convenient, healthier options for an increasingly busy Australian public. On-the-go snacks, such as their No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Bars and High Protein Mini Bars are the perfect way to get the nourishment we need, without the fuss and importantly, without the added calories.

No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

Has 80% less sugar than regular milk chocolate
Available in two flavours - Creamy Milk and Fruit & Nut
Available in the health food aisle of Woolworths, RRP $2.69

High Protein Mini Bars

Bite-sized (25g) protein hit will keep you fuller for longer, without the unnecessary calories
38% protein, under 5g carbohydrates and under 100 calories
Available in five flavours - Peppermint Surprise, Double Choc, French Vanilla, Cherry Delight and Caramel Fudge (and just-launched Banana Fudge!)
Available in the protein section at Woolworths, RRP $2.05

Surprisingly tasty, didn't think I could stray from my regular chocolate brand, but this healthier alternative with taste allows me to do so.

For more information please visit www.vitalitybrands.com/well-naturally