Hayley Clare Venus Fire

Hayley Clare Venus Fire

Venus Fire

Venus Fire is the new art-pop project of songstress Hayley Clare, ozzing charm, edge and killer vocals. It features a strong visual backdrop to accompany the bold musical statement. Paying homage to the pop princesses of Hayley's youth, it's about the irrepressible nature of the human spirit. "When the night is calling out your name… you have to answer".

Venus Fire's first official single, The Sound, was recorded with producers Tommy Spender and Steve Schram. Released with the support of an Arts Victoria Career Building grant, the song features a funky piano riff and sing-along chorus, revelling in Hayley's feeling of artistic rebirth.

The film clip, directed by Guerilla Creative, is a whimsical look at what happens when partygoers let 'the sound' and other forces take over - the shy are emboldened, events are unpredictable, and there is no choice but to dance.

Venus Fire The Sound Launch: at The Vanguard on Thursday, July 5th

Check out www.venusfire.net and www.Facebook.com/venusfiremusic.

Interview with Hayley Clare

Question: How would you describe your music?

Hayley Clare: The music is very poetic and emotive but it's also very fun and a little bit sexy!

Question: Is it the 'fun' part that pays homage to the pop princess of your youth?

Hayley Clare: Yes, I was influenced by the fun pop princess of your youth and at the same time I hope the music is emotive and can reach people. I want people to come to a gig and have a good time because there is a lot of fun in the music, as well.

Question: What was the inspiration behind The Sound?

Hayley Clare: I wrote The Sound about my own relationship with music and how I can get so fed up with music and think that I never want to sing again and then something about music draws me back in. Music is a habit and that is what inspired me to write The Sound.

Question: How did you go about creating the video clip?

Hayley Clare: The filming of the video clip was awesome; it was filmed at Backbar in Melbourne, in Prahran, with Guerilla Creative who were amazing as they came up with the concept for the video and pitched it to me a few months earlier, I instantly thought it was great and we went ahead with filming. The clip was shot over one night and it was all very quick because most of the scenes were recorded in only one or two takes - I had to get it right!

Question: When writing songs, where do you find inspiration?

Hayley Clare: I have made a very clear distinction between Venus Fire verses staying as Hayley Clare because as much as my writing process changed also what I was writing about changed. I moved on from writing about boyfriends and relationships as I became influenced by subtler emotions including money, sex, getting older and different things to constantly writing about relationships.

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Hayley Clare: At the moment I have been listening to a lot of Australian music, I am enjoying Gosling, Washington, Kimbra and Sia then of course I love classics such as Sting, Michael Jackson and Betty Blackman.

Question: What is the story behind Venus Fire as a name?

Hayley Clare: I really wanted a name that was two words that went together but could also stand alone whilst conjuring femineity and strength which are strong themes throughout my music. I enjoy promoting female strength, but not in an overly pushy way (laughs). I was thinking along the lines of Massive Attack and True Lies and was able to come up with Venus Fire.

Question: Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?

Hayley Clare: Yes, absolutely! Before I did Venus Fire I was at the crossroad because I was sick of what I was doing and was feeling that I was not challenged by a jazz theme although there is always a challenge because you can always improve however I was as far as I wanted to go with jazz, at the time. I was starting to think about other things and I wrote The Sound and once you write a song you really like you want to sing it and perform it which motivates you to write other songs to perform alongside your newest song, for me that was The Sound and before I knew it, I had an EP!

Yes, I have definitely questioned giving up…

Question: What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Hayley Clare: My parents, I think it was because we sang a lot as kids, growing up we'd always be singing and playing guitar and I think that growing up in a musical household was my inspiration.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Hayley Clare: That's actually quiet hard… It would have to be Sting, I am his biggest fan!

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Hayley Clare: My biggest challenge is financial and I think the biggest challenge is always financial. When we got the grant from Arts Victoria that was a huge difference and in a lot of ways that grant was my highlight because it was recognition as doing something productive from Arts Victoria. Getting that pat on the back and being able to think 'this is worthwhile' was the encouragement I needed to continue with music.

Question: Are you all prepared for the EP launch?

Hayley Clare: Yes! I can't wait to perform and launch The Sound at The Vanguard in Sydney.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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