VanderAa Ochre Red

VanderAa Ochre Red

VanderAa Ochre Red

Brothers Aaron and Levi VanderAa, whose surname inspired the band's moniker, have already accomplished a healthy touring schedule since their inception in 2012 having notched up over 200 shows across four states delivering their high-energy performances, vivacious singing, compelling lyrics, tight rhythm section, and summer loving guitar riffs that are making enough swells to surf on.

Originally hailing from Darwin (Australia) and earning their gigging stripes busking and circulating the outback pub circuit, the brothers encapsulate the young, hot, fun culture that is the Northern Territory. VanderAa sonically sits with the likes of Ball Park Music, Boy & Bear and Sticky Fingers. Their sound is equally captivating to their image, from their trademark locks down to their custom designed leather jeans often made out of the skins of crocodile, barramundi, kangaroo, snake and cane toad…. These guys are as Australian as it gets.

Having performed alongside the likes of The Living End, The Cat Empire, Sneaky Sound System, Jet and Eskimo Joe, VanderAa dropped their first album in January 2014 titled -Keep Smiling'.

Six Months later and inspired by the roller-coaster lifestyle that is being a touring musician, Aaron and Levi have written another full length album – titled -Serendipity' set for release in August 2015 – and have bared all in what they describe as 'earthy, passionate and more heart-felt". Their first offering of the album is in the form of lead single -Ochre Red'.

Ridden with a smooth jazz styling and infused with a reggae influence, -Ochre Red' depicts the explosive chemistry when two people first come together and its unpredictability.

'The lyrics initially were about a supernatural beauty that captured my attention in a sinister way," recalls Aaron. In the accompanying music video, this chemistry is explored between two ballroom dancers. 'With the film clip in mind I wanted to make it more 'real", remove the supernatural theme and base it on my experiences with ballroom dancing. This idea really gave me something to sink my teeth into and visually we could capture the essence of the song."

FOR FANS OF: Boy & Bear, Ball Park Music

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