Uncork Australia Vintage Edition - Brian Allen

Uncork Australia Vintage Edition - Brian Allen

Uncork Wine Guides Vintage Edition 2005 - In a hurry, don't have time to read wads of pages of information on wine, want key information fast and easily, well Brian Allen has produced an impressive range of "Uncork" titled country specific wine guides which provide a wealth of information about wineries and their specific wines.

There are 2005 Vintage versions of the book for Australia, America and New Zealand wines. I had a good look at the Uncork Australia edition recently which retails for around $32.95 here in Australia and what impressed me was its ease of use and the way it was jam packed with useful information. It is a veritable one-stop shop for wines from hundreds of wineries.

For quick reference, each wine has further details listed (derived from both winemaker knowledge and editor Brian Allen's estimates) regarding vintage, a score based on a 100 point scale, peak drinking times and the current worth of the wine. All of this is delivered in a simple and easy to follow format. The book also forms a part of the "The Uncorked Cellar" which is cellaring software for keeping track of your wine. For more information visit www.uncork.com.au

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