Tegreen Goodness

Tegreen Goodness

Tea has a long history as a medicinal plant. As a beverage it ranks second, only to water, in worldwide popularity. Many scientific studies conducted over the past 15 years have focused on the benefits of tea consumption and in particular, on tea polyphenols as an active health-promoting ingredient. The benefits associated with tea polyphenols are generally attributed to their antioxidant activity.

Tegreen 97 by Pharmanex is an exclusive preparation of green tea leaf extract, which provides the consumer with the most concentrated levels of green tea polyphenols available. Pollution, stress and toxins all increase damage to our body's cells. In the body, the antioxidants in Tegreen 97 have been shown to help support the antioxidant defense system in the presence of pollution, stress and toxins.

Daily supplementation with Tegreen 97 may be considered a first line of dietary defense for health protection, providing you with powerful antioxidant benefits 24 hours a day. The natural antioxidants found in one capsule of Tegreen 97 are 100 times more effective than Vitamin C, 25 times more effective that Vitamin E, equal to a 3 glass of red wine, equal to 8 glasses of grape juice and equal to 7 cups of traditionally brewed green tea. Each capsule contains 250mg of Camellia sinensis (green tea leaf extract) standardised to 97% polyphenols.

As a dietary supplement, it is suggested that one capsule be taken daily with food. Tegreen 97 is packaged as a 30-day supply of 30 capsules.