Tyne-James Organ Hold Me Back

Tyne-James Organ Hold Me Back

While his career continues to blossom from the growing success of his latest single 'Hold Me Back', rising Australian singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ today takes a bold step with the release of the single's official video, and with it a message against one of the main scourges in Australian society.

Drawing its lead from the song's original inspiration of Tyne's experiences with and relationship to the Me Too Movement, the video for 'Hold Me Back' takes aim at domestic abuse. Directed by Rome (Mallrat 'Charlie' & 'Groceries', Allday 'Lungs'), the video follows a young man's destructive and violent behaviour, symbolised through groggy flashbacks in the aftermath of attacking his partner.


The video abandons all metaphor at the end, culminating with flash card of brutal statistics about domestic abuse, as well as links to outlets for those experiencing said abuse to hopefully find help.

Tyne says his decision to use his platform to send a message was his way of showing that the struggle continues for those suffering, particularly in the times of COVID lockdowns when domestic assaults are on the rise.

Having steadily grown his audience and reputation over the last few years with hard work, brilliant stage craft, and an undeniable talent for writing beautiful music, Organ has earned a reputation for wearing his heart on his sleeve. It's a courage that has endeared him to fans around the country and the world at large, and won him support from major music outlets, particularly triple j radio who have long supported his music.

His debut EP, 2019's Perseverance, was lauded by critics and fans alike, thanks to breakout singles 'Watch You Go,' 'Graceful,' and 'Something New,' as they not only showcased his incredible voice and musicianship, but tackled existential themes of love, loss, grief, and resilience – as Tyne shared personal stories and experiences with a raw honesty that few songwriters ever express. 

With his debut album shining on the near horizon, it feels like the world is at Tyne-James Organ's feet. You better believe he's going to do something special with it.