6 of 2019's Top Bedroom Design Trends

6 of 2019's Top Bedroom Design Trends

6 of 2019's Top Bedroom Design Trends

Is your bedroom the restful, relaxing and stylish sanctuary you want it to be? Need some ideas for updating it with the latest new furnishings and accessories? Check out these 6 bedroom design trends that are currently popular as we finish up 2019 and head into 2020.

1.Statement Bedheads

One of the basic foundational principles of interior design is that every room requires an appealing focal point. In the bedroom environment, a creative bedhead can provide this. Some of 2019's trendiest bedheads are luxuriously upholstered designs. Others are made from recycled timber.

If you don't actually have a bedhead, there are a few other trendy DIY alternatives you could try. Perhaps you might like to paint a bedhead on the wall above your bed. Another option: Hang a colourful fabric tapestry in place of a bedhead – or an oversized painting.

2. Storage Furniture

If your home is lacking needed closet space, storage furniture can help you increase your storage capacity -- without having to remodel. A couple of the most popular options right now include storage ottomans and storage beds that have drawers underneath them.

If you opt for a storage ottoman, you could choose an upholstered one that coordinates beautifully with your statement bedhead. However, it's also fine to choose pieces that complement each other without exactly matching.

Flat dwellers and tiny home enthusiasts are particularly fond of storage furniture – but anyone who has children or a sizable clothing collection is also likely to understand the appeal.

3. Stylish and Sustainable Bedding

Sustainable fibres such as bamboo, organic cotton and linen are at the forefront of 2019's top global bedding trends. Here in Australia, the buying public is becoming increasingly aware that bamboo retains less heat than cotton does. This means that it tends to be a cool and comfortable choice of bedding materials on hot spring and summer nights.

Ecosa Australia, a popular local memory foam mattress retailer, has recently released a collection of bamboo sheets, mattresses and pillowcases that perfectly captures the essence of this trend.

4. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style permeates many of 2019's trendiest bedroom environments. In the bedroom, this style is noteworthy for features like high-quality, minimalist furniture pieces combined with rich textures. Some of the most popular textures currently in use in the bedroom include sumptuous sheepskins, supple leathers, jumbo knit throws and macramé wall hangings. Bright white walls typify the look, and houseplants keep it from getting too stark.

5. A Decluttered Environment

Marie Kondo is a media personality and tidying consultant who has popularized a viable decluttering method that resonates with the public. She has inspired people around the world to limit their furnishings and give away excess belongings. The bedroom and its associated closets are popular targets for her decluttering methods.

6. Vivid Florals

Floral print designs are some of the top trends for spring 2019. Bold floral wallpaper is one possible way to implement the look. Other possibilities include floral quilts or curtains. If all that is too daring for your taste, you could opt to limit the florals to a smaller area of your environment. A few framed floral paintings or some floral printed scatter cushions could introduce the theme to your space without becoming overwhelming.

So now you've been briefed on 6 of 2019's most compelling bedroom design trends. If you're inspired to try any of them, be sure to put your own unique twist on them to create your own personalised sanctuary in the bedroom.