Adopt a Bathing Ritual

Adopt a Bathing Ritual

With more than 4.9 million Australians suffering from stress over the past decade, Victoria + Albert Baths is eager to help alleviate this with the introduction of their latest bath, Taizu, the brand's first circular bath, which celebrates the refined features of Chinese culture.

Daily bathing rituals date back centuries in Chinese culture, to not only support the mind and soul for relaxation purposes, but to also aid with heart health, relieve aching joints and muscles and improving the complexion.

With ancient Chinese dynasties embracing the benefits of bathing early on, Victoria + Albert is encouraging Australians to place their health and wellbeing first by adopting this timeless tradition into their everyday routine.

"Long gone are the days where bathing is simply for personal hygiene. Adopting a curated bathing routine is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of life and relish in much deserved "me time"," said Victoria + Albert Brand Manager, Ms Emma Joyce.

"A long warm soak can assist in better blood flow, ease breathing and release endorphins that supports optimal health. A hot bath can also help improve immunity and relieve the symptoms of a cold, soothe stiff joints and relax muscles, plus the steam can detox your body by opening pores and improving complexion.

"As a spa-styled bath, the Taizu is perfect for water submersion and indulging in a complete state of relaxation."

Deriving inspiration from Chinese culture and the importance placed on their bathing rituals for the mind, body and soul, award-winning interior expert Steve Leung designed Taizu to encourage health and wellbeing within all households.

"Bathing is a relaxing experience, reinvigorating the body and mind. Daily life is increasingly intense; this moment of tranquillity is a precious indulgence," said Mr Leung.

"Designed in partnership with leading luxury bath brand, Victoria + Albert, Taizu celebrates the Chinese wellness philosophy in a minimal and contemporary design, crafted in a one-of-a-kind material for the most uplifting of bathing experiences."

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