Tom Ballard – Enough

Tom Ballard – Enough

Tom Ballard doesn't have a real job any more.

For most of 2018 he was enjoying being the host of the ABC's Tonightly with Tom Ballard, which was a very cool and popular show that pushed a Marxist agenda, wasted taxpayers' money, mocked the Prime Minister's faith and referred to a politician as a c***.

For some reason, it wasn't renewed.

With his now freed-up schedule, Tom's had a lot of time to contemplate the big questions, like "How much longer are Baby Boomers going to live for?", "Can I have a house please?", "How can billionaires and homeless people exist simultaneously?" and "BARNABY JOYCE?! SERIOUSLY?!?!"

Now Tom wants you to come and give him some of your hard-earned money in exchange for answers and the product of laughter. This will help fuel the economy, demonstrate the power of the free market and lead to jobs and growth. Satisfaction and top-level-optimum laughter is guaranteed from this award-winning master of his craft.

So, don't miss this unemployed globalist soy-boy back live onstage in 2019 with his trademark style that federal Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield considers to be "beneath the standard of university revue humour."

Dates: Thu 28 March – Sun 21 Apr (No Mondays)
Time: Tue – Thu & Sat 9:45pm, Fri 7pm, Sun 8:45pm
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall - Supper Room & Max Watt's (Fridays only)
Ticket Prices: From $25
Auslan show: Wed 10 April