Peter Helliar – The Complete History of Better Books

Peter Helliar – The Complete History of Better Books

"It's about the books I wrote as a kid. I realised kids loved them but so did their parents because there's lots of references to pop culture. Things like Back To The Future and Pat Cash, but it's all through the eyes of an eight-year-old." - Peter Helliar

When Pete was eight-years-old, he started his own publishing company named Better Books and featured classroom classics such as Indiana Helliar & The Raquas of The Lost Park, the Kauffmanesque Buried Alive and of course the famed Me, The Sports Star series.

Join Pete as he reads from the actual pages of the books he wrote when was merely dreaming of one day becoming an author. A nostalgic journey through the mind of a child with an overactive imagination and an obsession with pop culture who just happened to become one of our favourite comedians and a best-selling children's author.

One of the most loved and recognised working comedians in the country, a Peter Helliar show is the full package. A natural storyteller, he makes the tricky business of being funny look effortless.

After many years of making people laugh both live on stage and on TV, Pete realised how much he loved entertaining children as well as adults. He is dad to three boys, who inspired him to rediscover his inner child (we're not sure he ever really lost it if we're being honest!).

His foray into the world of authoring children's books has been a success with his best-selling Frankie Fish (Hardie Grant) series. Now the accomplished children's author couldn't be more excited to bring his family-friendly comedy to the live stage.

Not a kid's show, not an adult's show – this is a very special comedy festival event that the entire family can enjoy together.

Dates: Saturday 30 March – Sunday 7 April
Time: Sat 5.30PM, Sun 4.30PM
Venue: The Forum – Upstairs
Address: 154 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Ticket Prices: From $32