Charlie Pickering – Us & Them

Charlie Pickering – Us & Them

Charlie Pickering reckons there are two types of people in this world: those who think that everyone can be divided into two neat groups and those who don't.

Returning to the live stage with a brand-new stand up show, Charlie will try and work out why humans are drawn to the poles – despite the endless nights and ice box temperatures.

We have defined ourselves as opposites - Men vs Women. Right vs Left. Yanny vs Laurel. Those who like coriander vs those who don't. The list goes on.

Polished, inventive and a political junkie, Charlie is as lost in the noise and muck as the rest of us but he's not afraid to dive in and see what's at the bottom of it all.

Charlie is of course best known to Australian audiences as the host of his hit ABC TV show The Weekly with Charlie Pickering which just took home its second AACTA Award for Best Entertainment Program. Most recently he appeared on our screens as host of ABC's Tomorrow Tonight alongside certified national treasure, Annabel Crabb.

Before becoming one of the country's favourite TV hosts, Charlie travelled the world as an award-winning stand-up comedian for over a decade and every year he returns to the US and continues to hone his craft in the world's comedy mecca, the comedy clubs of New York.

Don't miss Charlie in his natural habitat as he attempts to find out if there really is an evil super villain driving the world to its poles or whether it is just humanity cruelling its own chances and sealing its own steamy fate.

Dates: Thursday 28 March – Sunday 7 April (No Mondays or Wednesdays)
Time: Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday 8:20pm, Sunday 7:20pm
Venue: ACMI - Beyond
Address: Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tix From: From $27