tic – The Modern Age Needle And Thread

tic – The Modern Age Needle And Thread

tic – The Modern Age Needle And Thread


After hitting the snooze button one too many times this morning, you are flying out the door to make it to work on time when you have a realisation that your shirt has missing a button. By the time you go inside to change your shirt you are going to be running late. Stress no more – tic® is here to fix your dilemma.

Gone are the days of time and energy wasted on threading a needle for stitching a shirt button. tic® has created the ultimate solution for speedily fastening shirt buttons. All you have to do is poke tic® through the fabric, pop your shirt button on the tic® spike, close the clip and click, wiggle the clip around the button and remove – and hey presto, you have made it to that meeting on time!

Created by Swedish industrial designer Karolina Rantfors, tic®'s innovation came to light when the product tamed all three dragons on the Swedish version of the BBC success show -The Dragons Den' – an entrepreneurial reality show where Sweden's most established business investors choose whether they would back a new product launch. With success on the program, tic® was formed.

Manufactured in Sweden, tic®'s products are of the highest quality standards. Once Tic is attached to your garment it can be worn and washed as if the button had been stitched by hand. Water, washing detergent, or the dry cleaners will not affect tic®'s quality.

The innovation of tic® became apparent with winning an honorable mention at
the 2014 Red Dot awards for product design.

With tic® being distributed in over 40 countries, this handy contraption has now hit Australian shores, with the product being stocked in retail outlets in Melbourne, Sydney and online. This compact package comes with 4 tic® shirt fasteners in either black or white for $7.95.

Australian distributor Don Milne believes tic® is the perfect product for the time poor, street savvy worker.

'tic® is the new must-have accessory for anyone who wears a buttoned shirt.
We believe it will eventually become industry standard in garment repair.

Buttons never come loose at convenient times and now you don't need to know your way around a needle and thread to repair it. Simply reach into your suit pocket, handbag or top draw and the problem will be solved in seconds".

tic® is the essential handbag or briefcase staple. No matter the time, you don't have to go another day missing a button ever again.