Tia Maria Cocktails

Tia Maria Cocktails

Tia Maria Cocktails

Tia Maria has launched a selection of new cocktail offerings, just in time for summer and best enjoyed as the sun goes down.

The seductive new cocktails include the Tia Espresso Martini, Dark Maria and Tia Ginger, which are all infused with Tia Maria's exotic, rich blend of natural vanilla and fresh coffee flavours.

Tia Espresso Martini

The Tia Espresso Martini, a coffee and vodka-infused creation features the aromatic notes of Tia Maria, adding depth and smoothness to the mix, while putting a summer twist on the classic Espresso Martini -moment'.

30 ml Tia Maria
30 ml Espresso
45 ml Vodka
15 ml LIquid Sugar
Coffee Beans

Combine all ingredients together with crushed ice in a Boston shaker and shake. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Dark Maria                                            


For something a little more mysterious, the Dark Maria features Tia Maria, mixed with dark rum, a punch of cola and is garnished with lime. The sultry cocktail is the perfect choice for sunny days and balmy nights.


30 ml Tia Maria
30 ml Dark Rum

Pour the ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice and stir. Garnish with a slice of lime.


Tia Ginger

The refreshing Tia Ginger captures summer in a cocktail- a zesty and exotic mix of Tia Maria, ginger beer, and fresh lime best served in a highball glass with a garnish of fresh mint. 

45 ml Tia Maria
TOP Ginger Beer
15 ml Fresh Lime Juice

Pour ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice and garnish with fresh mint.

Tia Maria History

In the immediate second post war years, life in Jamaica continued much as before with the colonial community enjoying cocktails on the veranda to accompany the usual stunning spectacle of sundown.

One of the most sought-after social invitations often came from Dr. Kenneth Leigh Evans. An invite to the Kingston country club always caused a stir as societies finest had the chance to sample his latest esteemed liqueurs. However, the doctor jealously guarded his most precious treasure, a secret recipe preserved for generations and made to an original XVII century Caribbean formula.

This recipe was a striking and distinctive fusion obtained by combining the most refined Jamaican Rum, originating from the sugar plantations near the sea, where the air is freshest and the soil naturally fertile, and the best carefully selected Arabica coffee strains and natural Vanilla Pods. One summer evening in 1952, Leigh Evans decided it was finally the right moment to unveil his precious liqueur to the members of the country club. This liqueur went by the legendary name of Tia Maria as it was named in the ancient recipe. Tia Maria captured the Leigh Evans's guests and later, the whole world.

The making of Tia Maria
Tia Maria owes its distinctive and rich aroma to the accurate qualitative selection of the ingredients and to the exclusive recipe proudly preserved by ILLVA Saronno, producer and owner of the original Disaronno recipe. The production of Tia Maria expresses a special and exclusive knowhow developed by the company in time: its unique taste at every sip speaks of the passion and attention with which it is skillfully prepared.