Red or White? Why not choose both!

Red or White? Why not choose both!

Red or White? Why not choose both!

Any occasion best served with [yellow tail]

Casella Wines, makers of Australia's iconic wine brand, [yellow tail], has started to release the 2013 vintage of [yellow tail] white and red wines – just in time for the end of winter, the start of spring and the anticipation of summer.

The 2013 [yellow tail] Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz are now available across Australia and are the perfect companion for fun and spontaneous  occasions – the ones that aren't planned, whether alone or in good company.

According to Alan Kennett, [yellow tail]'s Chief Winemaker, '[yellow tail] wines are versatile options to be enjoyed across a variety of seasons. They have a balance and drinkability that make them the perfect partners for any occasion. They're a great way for people to experiment with wine and enjoy however they like."

With [yellow tail], there are no rules on where and how you should drink your wine, just simply enjoy and share the love! As the seasons change, why not experiment and change your wine ritual? Your new favourite may be one sip away.

Here are a few suggestions on the best varietals to enjoy at different wine occasions;

2013 [yellow tail] Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect partnership of two great grapes. The Semillon provides glorious lemon, lime and cut grass aromas while the Sauvignon Blanc adds layers of passionfruit, gooseberry and herbaceous notes. The synergy continues onto the palate filing your mouth with zesty fresh fruit flavours and finishing with a mouth-watering crisp acidity.

*Serving suggestion 1:  Gather your friends and family for a classic Aussie BBQ. Enjoy this wine ice-cold with barbequed prawn skewers, a sausage sizzle with caramelized onions and a mango-chicken salad. This wine is so good that it will more than make up for the slightly charred snags.

*Serving suggestion 2: After a sun filled day, grab your friends and continue the fun in the sun with the [yellow tail] Summer Sip – a wine based cocktail with a kick. This wine[tail] will make sure the sun never goes down.

2013 [yellow tail] Shiraz is a youthful and vibrant red wine. Concentrated red berry fruit is complemented by subtle liquorice and blueberry notes, with a light spice derived from the oak. This wine is soft and juicy on the palate, with cherry and blackberry flavours delivering a long and delicious finish.

*Serving suggestion 1: After a hard day's work, all you are longing for is a quiet night in by yourself. Such times call for the couch, your most embarrassing (but cosy) socks, popcorn, DVDs and of course [yellow tail] Shiraz.

*Serving suggestion 2:  BYO friends and mix the exotic with the everyday. Add a little blueberry vodka, acai syrup, and orange liquor to your wine. The [yellow tail] Fireside Cosmo will warm the soul with a zingy twist to help you wine down or rev up for whatever night you have planned.

Whether it's enjoyed solo or in good company, there is a [yellow tail] wine for every moment, so don't be afraid to switch up your wine ritual and try something new.  Make sure this happens by following these simple steps: a) choose your occasion b) choose your varietal and c) share the [yellow tail] love affair with others.

[yellow tail] wines are available for RRP $9.99 at liquor retail outlets across Australia.