These Things Happen

These Things Happen

These Things Happen

junk·y (jung'ke)
n. pl. junk·ies Slang
1. A narcotics addict, especially one using heroin
2. One who has an insatiable interest or devotion

(k?-me'de-?n) n.
1. Professional entertainer who tells jokes or performs other comic acts
2. An actor/writer in comedy
3. A person who amuses or tries to be amusing; a clown

For 25 years Greg Fleet has been one of Australia's most widely known and best loved comedians. For the same period, he's had a drug habit that has delivered him comedy and tragedy in equal parts.

These Things Happen is Fleet's hilarious, heartbreaking account of the life-or-death battle for his soul. On the high road: a genius wit and prodigious work ethic takes him from NIDA and Neighbours to Shakespeare with the MTC and writing and performing award-winning theatre around the country, and on to acclaim and adoration on stand-up stages all over the world. On the low road: a yearning for true love mutates in the maelstrom of addiction and leads to an extraordinary downward spiral, featuring faked and near deaths, sharing houses and needles, a six-month romance with ice, rock bottom and, just maybe, redemption.

Greg Fleet weaves the most mesmeric of memoirs. Part sweet poison, part guilty pleasure, from first gentle kiss to hate-fuelled wrecking ball. These things happen.

These Things Happen
Author: Greg Fleet
ISBN: 9781743537916
RRP: $34.99