Finding Faith There Is Love

Finding Faith There Is Love

Pop vocalguitar duo, Finding Faith, have released their latest single, There Is Love

The uplifting song, from its eponymous debut album released through Sony Music, is a response to the tragic shootings in Las Vegas last year which saw 58 people killed and more than 800 injured in the entertainment mecca of the world tainted by the devastating event now known as the largest mass shooting in the USA.

Finding Faith comprises Andrew Tierney who is best known for his work with the iconic Australian group Human Nature and Canadian worship pastor Timothy Dunfield. Both reside in Vegas.

Andrew says 'There Is Love' reminds us in a simple way that there is an alternative to responding with fear when these "horrible tragedies" occur.

"We all face tragedies in life, whether it's in our home, our towns, or our world," Andrew says.

"'There Is Love' speaks to a hope and a love that is bigger than all this. Sadly, we find it most when tragedy and the unexplainable happens. These things can test our faith, even in the midst of despair but there is undeniable goodness and love that surrounds us."

Timothy says there are two ways to respond when tragedies occur.

"One response is to join the cycle of hate and violence… to get even, retaliate and seek revenge. Or, we can respond another way, and that's with love. Love is stronger than tragedy and stronger than hate. If we as a community can grasp onto that, the world will be a better, safer and happier place. The October 1st tragedy in our hometown reminded us of so many other senseless, hate-inspired tragedies from Parkland to San Bernardino, to countless terrorist attacks around the world. As we reflected on these things we realized that there were only two responses to them, to either join in the cycle of hatred or to stand up against it and say that love is stronger than hate. This song is us standing up and saying love wins; there is a better way." Timothy suggests.

'There Is Love' is a bright, buoyant song with hope-filled lyrics and irresistible hooks. Its release is hot on the heels of the album's show-stopping single 'Good Hands' which hit #1 for three weeks in July on TCM, the Australian Christian airplay chart.

Produced by Nick Radovanovic (Jason Mraz, Melissa Etheridge, Skillet, and Mat Kearney), FINDING FAITH (the self-titled album) boasts the duo's trademark soaring vocals, plus a sound rooted in contemporary acoustic pop.

Featuring ten original songs, plus covers of Van Morrison's 'If I Ever Needed Someone' and Hillsong Worship's 'Cornerstone', the album debuted at #11 on the iTunes Top Album Chart and reached #1 on the Inspirational Genre Top Albums Chart.

Finding Faith's self-titled debut album recently was released internationally via the Provident Music Group, a division of Sony Music. Their debut single 'Good Hands' is currently being serviced to US radio.