The Soul Movers Circles Baby

The Soul Movers Circles Baby

 Sydney based musical extraordinaires The Soul Movers return with their new workout clip and radio single Circles Baby, released through ABC Music. View the video below.
Joining forces with besties Greg, Jeff and Anthony, plus the incredible talents of many of the original Wiggles dancers, the band is fronted by Lizzie Mack, her brother in soul, Murray Cook, with bassist Rodney Auld (Jon English, The Beatle Boys), Marko Simec (Waiting For Guinness) on keys and Lozz Benson (John Butler Trio, Paul Kelly) on drums.
The Soul Movers' new music clip for Circles Baby is a ride over the rainbow, designed as a cure for any curve blues. The ultimate in irrepressible feel-good times, Lizzie took legendary Richard Simmons choreography and worked with OG Wiggles Leanne Halloran to design a high-energy, but low-impact, workout anyone can do at home, in a park or when some feel-good endorphins are required!

The clip actually comes with a: 

Happiness Alert

Viewing this may result in involuntary body movements and a tender jaw from serious smiling. Please ensure you are appropriately attired and socially distanced at all times during viewing.

Discussing the creation of the video, singer Lizzie Mack said today, "Making the 'Circles Baby' workout clip with the original Wiggles dancers was a dream come true for me. When we supported the Original Wiggles' Bushfire shows in early January, watching these gorgeous people dance together was one of the most soul-warming sights I had ever seen. The bonds between these incredibly talented women, deepened over decades of finding partners and having children, outshone even the Original Wiggles brotherly bonds".

"The reunion between Anthony, Greg and Jeff and myself was extra special. I'd been missing the easy camaraderie, all the road jokes we shared and thousands of shows performed... we slip back into it as soon as we get together.  We truly are like brothers..." said Murray . 

The Soul Movers'  high energy live performances deliver in spades, with fans right across the musical spectrum, and they have a reputation as one of Australia's hardest-working touring bands.  Currently hunkered down recording their next album at Rancom Street Studios, with Sherbet legends Garth Porter and Tony Mitchell, they are busy creating the sound for their fourth album and third release for ABC Music, Evolution.  This record is set to instigate a whole new sonic field around the musical business of moving souls!