The Ocean Speaks by Matt Porteous, Tamsin Raine and Andrew Roff

The Ocean Speaks by Matt Porteous, Tamsin Raine and Andrew Roff

The Ocean Speaks is a fascinating look at the musings and testimonies of more than 45 ocean enthusiasts, all united by a single mission: to give a voice to the ocean.

Discover the fascinating story of the Earth's open oceans with telling insights from the bold adventurers who love it most. 

The Ocean Speaks brings together more than 45 ocean enthusiasts who have taken ocean protection into their own hands, documenting the unknown and telling stories that aim to connect humans with water. Whether they are divers, marine biologists, surfers, influencers, conservationists, photojournalists or filmmakers, each of these ocean lovers is playing a part in deepening our understanding of our planet's largest life support system, 80% of which remains unmapped, unobserved and unexplored. Split geographically by oceans and continents, the stories include a project that documents the world's largest population of tiger sharks in the Maldives, divers who unofficially patrol a UNESCO world heritage site near the volcanic 'Ring of Fire' in the Tropical Eastern Pacific, a visit to the touching but ghostly turtle graveyard in Malaysia, and incredible natural spectacles like the mass spawning of grouper in French Polynesia or the humpback whales who flock to the remote Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic to birth and mate. 
With over 200 underwater images from every ocean on the globe, The Ocean Speaks is a stunning celebration of the world under the surface, a unique glimpse into the biggest habitat on the planet and marks a small point on the journey towards protecting it. This inspiring collection of testimonies is a must for anyone concerned about our waters and those wanting to protect our environment. The battle to protect the deep blue is ongoing but stories like these are taking us in the right direction.
The Ocean Speaks,
A photographic journey of discovery and hope
by Matt Porteous, Tamsin Raine and Andrew Roff
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