The Mum Who Roared

The Mum Who Roared

The Mum Who Roared

A complete A-Z guide to loving your mind, body and attitude after Baby

We all know that having a baby changes your life, and the responsibility can often take over - so how do you keep hold of all the unique things that make you you?

In The Mum Who Roared, author, entrepreneur and mum of two, Christie Nicholas, provides new mums with a practical guide to adjusting to life as a mother, while staying in touch with their own core needs, values and identity.

Motherhood isn't always an easy transition, and in the book Christie shares effective survival tips from herself and other Aussie mums, ensuring your journey continues as a happy, healthy, balanced woman…. who also happens to be a mum!

Leaving readers with greater balance, respect and love for themselves, The Mum Who Roared is a must-read for all mothers and mums to be.

Christie Nicholas is a mother of two and holds a Bachelor of Arts, an Associate Diploma in Business and a Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is the founder of communications agency that connects companies with mums and - Australia's number 1 social networking site designed for mothers to help them swap products, services and talents. The success of Mumswap attracted international attention to Christie, with appearances in The Washington Post, The Financial Express, Choice magazine and Money magazine among many others. Christie has now turned her attention to becoming the inspirational yet down-to-earth ambassador all women need when entering motherhood. This is her first book.

The Mum Who Roared
Exisle Publishing
Author: Christie Nicholas
ISBN: 9781921497889
Price: $29.99




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