Little Ash Party Problem & Lost Luck

Little Ash Party Problem & Lost Luck

Little Ash Party Problem!

Ash and James have been invited to their friend's birthday. It's a fancy-dress party and of course, Ash is dressed as a tennis player! But when Ash loses her favourite tennis racquet, she is so worried. Even with James's help, will she ever find it?


Little Ash Lost Luck!

Ash has a fun hockey game coming up, but on the day of the match she wakes up on the wrong side of bed. Everything seems too hard, and Ash just can't seem to look on the bright side. Will she let her miserable mood ruin her day?
Ash Barty

Australian Ashleigh Barty was a professional tennis player on the Women's Tennis Association tour from 2011-2022 (with a break from late 2014 to early 2016).  Regarded as one of the sport's most naturally talented players, Ash's game style and ability to play a wide range of shots set her apart from her opponents. With her signature humility, confidence to guide her own path and commitment to being a good person, she became a role model for many.  Ahs announced her retirement from professional tennis in March 2022.  Ranked WTA World No. 1 and with three Grand Slam singles titles to her name, she departed from the sport as one of the most accomplished players ever.  A proud indigenous woman, Ash is committed to creating sport and education opportunities for youth in communities around Australia.

by Ash Barty & Jasmin McGaughey

Illustrated by Jade Goodwin

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