Inside the Dyslexic Mind

Inside the Dyslexic Mind

A resource for parents, teachers and dyslexics themselves


Laughton King shares his understanding of the dyslexic mind from his own lived experience as a dyslexic child, a frustrated adolescent, a therapist and eventually an author.


When describing what it is like to be dyslexic, Laughton includes himself. 'We think in pictures, we chase words around the pages of books, and we have trouble finding any sensible connection between squiggles on paper and real things they are meant to refer to.  You guessed it, for us, school is not cool, and for most of us this makes life tough.'


At the heart of this book is a ground-breaking concept – the diesel/petrol analogy.  As Laughton describes it, a dyslexic person is like a diesel vehicle. They run perfectly if you give the right fuel, but if you put petrol in the tank (ie expect them to learn like every 'normal' child in our current education system) they break down.


'My task as I see it', says Laughton, 'is to walk the interface between the non-dyslexics and the "dyslexics",  between the language thinkers and the pictorial thinkers – in my terms, between the "petrols" and the "diesels".  In this I see two major functions.  The first is to assist the parents and the teachers, the educational professionals and practitioners to understand what dyslexia really involves.  Only when they can see what dyslexia involves from the perspective of the dyslexic will they be able to make the changes that will allow these "diesel" children to succeed with our "petrol" education system.


'The second function is to present that same information in such a manner as to enable the dyslexic individual to begin to understand the dynamics of their own style.  Once the "diesel" understands that they have four wheels and a diesel motor, then they can comprehend and drive their vehicle of life.  Otherwise, there is the danger that their misperception of themselves, the mistaken belief that they have shortcomings, will drive them – and drive them down.'

The result is a book that helps dyslexic (diesel) thinkers make sense of their lives, and provides valuable guidance for parents and teachers.


Inside the Dyslexic Mind

by Laughton King

Exisle Publishing

RRP: $34.99


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Review: I found this book really helpful, for a long time I questioned my learning ability and this book gave me clarity and understanding to reach my full potential.  Sometimes you think you know, but when you read reaffirming information and learn about ways you can improve, truly enlightening.





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