The Hungover Games DVD

The Hungover Games DVD

The Hungover Games DVD

Cast: Tara Reid, Bruce Jenner, Robert Wagner
Director: Josh Stolberg
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 82 minutes

The Hollywood spoof machine is back with this comical take on two of the largest film franchises of our time, The Hangover and The Hunger Games. Starring Tara Reid, Bruce Jenner, Robert Wagner in drag, this outrageous parody is available to own on DVD.

After Doug's bachelor party in a rundown motel outside of Las Vegas, our hung-over partiers, Bradley, Ed, and Zach, wake up in a strange room in an even stranger world… without Doug.

Aft er meeting the spoiled and immature Effing (Tara Reid) and the gruff, alcoholic Justmitch, the gang manage to put the pieces together and realise they are on a train headed for the deadly Hungover Games. It's a fight for survival in the Arena as the guys go toe-to-toe against various pop culture districts including The Superhero District, The Middle Earth District, the Puppet District and the Johnny Depp District.

With the odds not in their favour, will Bradley, Ed, and Zach find Doug, and get him back in time for the wedding?

With hilarious references to Ted, Django Unchained, The Lord of the Rings, Carrie, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and more.

Special Features:
Go Deep Inside The Hungover Games
Blooper reel

The Hungover Games
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