The Great Emu War Casualties

The Great Emu War Casualties

With their infectious indie/ art-rock/ alt-pop sounds, The Great Emu War Casualties released their luscious and idiosyncratic EP, 'Vanity Project'. 

Throughout 2020 – a year that had the band release a total of 10 tracks – The Great Emu War Casualties had displayed their ability to write gripping indie-rock layered in lucid guitar tones, rubbery basslines and upbeat grooves.

'Vanity Project' produced by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Bloc Party, The Mars Volta) is a succinct collection of tracks that moves through the bands buoyant, dynamic sounds right through to their dulcet, introspective indie soundscapes. Lyrically, in their inventive fashion, the EP traverses through themes of alienation, the drab circadian rhythm of the 9 to 5, frontman Joe Jackson's self-proclaimed "sad life" and narcissism. 

It was just January 29 that The Great Emu War Casualties kicked off the year with their attention-grabbing lead single 'I'm A Yes Man' that fittingly opens the EP. This opener tantalises the senses with bright, luscious guitar riffs and licks; minimalistic keys; rubbery, punctuated basslines; and a dynamic, punchy groove on the kit. 

Following suit with the upbeat indie-rock is 'Flies In My Eyes' which was released at the end of 2020. Caked in a tranquil synth drone, the indie-rock track has the band moving through upbeat, accentuated rhythms. This is washed over by waves of lustrous dream-pop, unnerving guitar and bass lines and vocal harmonies littering melancholic sentiments.

Slowing the EP down is 'Sad Seaweed People'. Opening gently with echoed and delayed clean guitar, the steady bass and drums propel the track forward before the track opens up in the chorus where Joe Jackson belts out a passionate vocal melody. After allowing for a drop in dynamics, the band release into the chorus and exotic indie-rock guitar solo to close out.

'spacebatangeldragon' has this indie-rock band shooting through space with a galactic fuzzy synth opening the track layered with ominous guitar riffs that moves into a fresh groove with a lively energy in the verse contrasted by a gloomy chorus.

Closing the EP is 'TIAGAHNIMSM' - an easy-listening, sentimental track that is a beautiful send off from the band that displays their mature songwriting sensibilities.

Previous releases from The Great Emu War Casualties have seen support from Triple JTone DeafLife Without Andy, theMusicAU ReviewAAA BackstageForte MagScenestrThe Soundcheck ReviewAustralian Musician3RRRRadio Adelaide4ZZZ and more. 


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