The Food Crafters

The Food Crafters

The Food Crafters

Frustrated with the quality of allergen friendly products, The Food Crafters decided it was time for gluten-intolerant cookie lovers to get the food they love.


Low in sugar and high in fibre, its gluten free cookie range does not contain empty calories and offers shoppers a healthy alternative that doesn't compromise on nutrition, texture or taste. With over four million Australians suffering from food allergies or intolerances, the need for healthy, allergen friendly products has never been more vital. Through the inclusion of natural, Australian sourced ingredients such as honey, coconut, blackstrap molasses and buckwheat kibbles, The Food Crafters cookie range can satisfy both your dietary and sweet-tooth needs.

Review: The Food Crafters cookies are INCREDIBLE! I loved each flavour in the range and I don't even have any allergies or intolerances. The cookies all taste delightfully good and are the perfect crunchy snack to satisfy those 3:30itis or after-dinner cravings without the calories. I shared half of the Raw Cacao cookie with my partner who didn't even know he was eating a gluten-free cookie (and then tried to steal my half)! I think my favourite would be the Double Coconut as it's delectably chewy (the texture is impressive) and sweet – like a cookie should be.
- Brooke Hunter


The Food Crafters' range is available in three delectable flavours; Raw Cacao, Double Coconut and Ginger & Date.


The Food Crafter's products are available in IGAs and select health and independent food stores.  Individual cookie (50g) RRP is $3.80 and 12-pack cookies (125g) RRP is $9.10.

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