The Flourishing Woman

The Flourishing Woman

A mental health and wellbeing guide

In The Flourishing Woman, Dr Cate Howell addresses many topics that are highly relevant to adult women, including why women often put themselves last; ways to overcome stress, overwhelm and anxiety; reproduction, menopause and mental health; and managing parenthood challenges and relationship issues. Other topics include the impact of trauma and physical illness on mental health, and strategies to manage these impacts; and how to silence self-criticism and grow self-worth.


Dr. Cate Howell is a GP, therapist, researcher, educator and author. She has over 40 years of training and experience in the health sphere, and is passionate about the areas of mental health, wellbeing and counseling. Currently Cate is mostly involved in education and writing related to these areas.  In the year 2000, a Churchill Fellowship allowed her to travel to the UK and Europe studying the primary care management of anxiety and depression.

Over the years, Cate developed a strong interest in women's health, including mental health and wellbeing. She wrote a book about men's mental health which was published in 2020, and whilst visiting communities and talking about the book in 2020-21, many women attended the talks. When Cate asked them about a need for a similar book for women, the resounding answer was 'YES'


The Flourishing Woman

by Dr Cate Howell OAM, CSM, CF

Exisle Publishing

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