The Customer Culture Imperative

The Customer Culture Imperative

Based on more than 60 studies and the authors' three-year proprietary research project with more than 100 companies, this book demonstrates that organisations exhibiting a strong 'customer-centric culture" do, in fact, produce superior business performance.

It provides diagnostic tools and a roadmap for effective implementation, designed to make culture change concrete and actionable in any organisation.

The book's main model looks at seven tested disciplines (customer insight, customer foresight, competitive insight, competitive foresight, peripheral vision, cross functional collaboration, and strategic alignment), exposing decisive elements and measuring companies' relative customer culture strengths and weaknesses.

Dr.Linden R.Brown is chairman and cofounder of MarketCulture Strategies Inc., a Silicon Valley company focused on measuring the level of customercentric cultures of organizations and the associated risks and opportunities. He coauthored, with Kellogg Professor Philip Kotler, the latest edition of the number one selling Australian university textbook, Marketing.

Chris L. Brown is the former marketing director for Hewlett-Packard for the South Pacific including Australia. He is now a Silicon Valley based management consultant.

The Customer Culture Imperative
McGraw Hill
Author: Dr.Linden R.Brown and Chris L. Brown
ISBN: 9780071821148
RRP: $36.95