Isn't it time you got the job you deserve? Your workplace transformation is about to begin!
FACT: When opportunity knocks in the workplace, most people don't know how to seize it.

This book teaches you how to use the tools to position yourself for job success, every time. From international bestselling author and leadership expert David Cottrell and sales guru Robert Nix comes the ultimate insider's guide for those who want to break through and control their professional destiny.

In simple, clear language-featuring informative and relatable case studies-you'll discover how easy it can be to transform your on-the-job persona to become the person who succeeds first and fastest.

Cottrell shows readers how to project strength, smarts, and competence by listening to others, putting coworkers at ease, using humor to their advantage, and cultivating a public persona that attracts others. Indispensable! is packed inside tips on how to listen (and mean it), how to put coworkers at ease, how to use humor to your advantage (and when to avoid it), what to do at business functions and how to cultivate a public persona and effortless demeanor that attracts others.

David Cottrell has created a legacy of leadership excellence, having spent three decades managing employees in corporate America. He's the bestselling author of over 25 highly acclaimed books and is a regularly featured expert on public television, having shared his philosophy with over 300,000 managers and leaders worldwide. He's CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, one of the nation's largest publishers of management resources.

Author, speaker, salesperson, Robert Nix has utilised the tools of communication and persuasion for over thirty years of professional endeavors. Robert has represented technology and transaction processing solutions to many of the largest companies in the United States. Building, managing and sustaining those relationships identified a reality every company, every department, every employee sells. Robert now seeks to lead and encourage others to activate skills that will allow them to break through, whatever and wherever their professional path.

McGraw Hill
Authors: David Cottrell and Robert Nix
ISBN: 9780071829397
RRP: $31.95


Interview with Robert Nix

Question: Why did you decide to write Indispensable?

Robert Nix: As a sales executive, I have attended seminars, read books, and been mentored in how to represent a company's brand to potential clients. In a highly competitive market, everything matters. I came to realize that I also had a brand, a personal brand. We all do. How we represent our own personal brand matters to our own success. Whether we realize it or not, we are selling ourselves to those around us, everyday. This book offers some insight on how to present ourselves favorably in a highly competitive market place. It is about laying the ground work today for being the obvious choice when opportunities arise.

Question: Why when opportunity knocks do most workers not seize it?

Robert Nix: I believe in many cases workers feel they have justly demonstrated their talent. Perhaps they have demonstrated superior technical expertise, or have balanced their spreadsheets daily without loss, or developed colorful marketing displays. The point being they have excelled at their tasks but failed at developing the value of their personal brand. Excelling at a task is important to an organization but likely does not sufficiently differentiate you from your competition.

Question: How can we learn to seize all of the moments within the workplace?

Robert Nix: The reality is we are not dramatically different from each other on capability. More often we differ on "action ability." We often succumb to neutral influences around us and become comfortable in mediocrity. Learning to seize moments is more likely a process of preparation than a sudden acquisition. Everything matters and people notice.

Question: Why was it important to ensure Indispensable! was written in a clear and simple format?

Robert Nix: First, we are honored by your endorsement of the natural and sincere format. Our goal was to write the book in a style that everyone could appreciate. But the reality is the message and strategies are not complicated or profoundly new. They are achievable and implementable for anyone.

Question: What is the most important piece of advice that readers will take from the book?

Robert Nix: That becoming indispensable is within your ability. Being indispensable is not all about superior intellect, raving beauty, or your starting point. You can set and achieve lofty goals, whatever they are. You can develop a personal brand that is valuable, admired and indispensable! It is your choice.

Interview by Brooke Hunter