The Cocoon Room Melbourne

The Cocoon Room Melbourne

As city workers make a staggered return to the CBD, a luxurious new space has opened on Collins Street to ease the transition back to cubicle life.


Melbourne's new premier luxury meditation and corporate well-being space, The Cocoon Room Melbourne – A day spa for the mind. Described as a 5-star hotel meets wellness retreat, The Cocoon Room Melbourne is turning meditation on its head.


The kale-free, inclusive space has bid farewell to group-meditations on cold gym floorboards, introducing instead a uniquely Melbourne, private, luxurious and personalised experience that will set you back less than a massage (at $38 per 50-minute session, with sessions running hourly!)  


The experience begins in the 'Luxury Lounge' where unlimited luxury brand teas, sparkling water and mindfulness activities await in a space where every detail from mini fountains to a custom signature scent has been carefully selected for the most relaxing experience.


Guests can retreat from city chaos in their own private, sheer-curtained 'cocoons' kitted out with a heavenly velour recliner and headset programmed with three meditation options - emerging calmer, re-energised and refocused.


'A day-spa for the mind', The Cocoon Room Melbourne provides a private space to retreat from the city's chaos and emerge calmer, re-energised and refocused.


While 1 in 6 Australians practice meditation, many struggle with the motivation to practice consistently, as was the case for founder and entrepreneur Linda Belli (aka Belli). Belli's barriers to regular meditation practice were numerous: interruptions (kids, partners, pets), finding app content that resonated, a facilitator that didn't alienate and lack of routine.


"With so much discussion around the importance and benefits of practising meditation, it was surprising to learn that the offerings were limited" says founder Linda Belli.


"We've created a dedicated tranquil space with great session times to help city workers incorporate meditation and downtime into their busy routines. We're more 'chill' than 'chore' - come as you are, no Lycra required!" she says.


Blending 5-star hotel luxury with a wellness retreat, The Cocoon Room Melbourne seeks to nurture individuals within an elegant, relaxing and private space where every furnishing and detail has been thoughtfully considered. Plush décor with a soothing pink and navy palette, a custom signature scent, mini-fountains, the perfect tea and teacup, and custom-designed velour chaises encased in a soft sheer curtained space, have brought this vision to life.


Upon arrival, Guests place their mobile and devices to bed in their locker before entering The Luxe Lounge. Reminiscent of a 5-star hotel foyer with glittering chandeliers, velour sofas and brass detailing, a beverages station, bookshelves laden with reading materials and mindfulness activities – the space is a haven to spend some time decompressing before the meditation. Guests are then invited into The Cocoon Room to settle into their own sheer-curtained 'cocoon', kitted out with heavenly velour recliner and headset programmed with three meditation options ensuring a personalised and private experience.


"We've crafted a spa-like experience without the price tag," says Belli.


"The element of privacy with individual 'cocoons' and the simple meditation content is essential to encourage even the most reluctant meditators, so they too can enjoy the benefits of this ancient practise."


Sessions run every hour and each 50-minute session is spent divided equally between the two spaces. Each session is less than a day-spa treatment or massage at just $38 per casual visit, reduced further with membership.


In addition to individual meditation sessions, corporate wellbeing options include workshops, day retreats, and the ability to book out the luxe space exclusively for meetings and presentations that impress.


Workshops are available by 'The Cocoon Collective' - a carefully selected coterie of Melbourne's most experienced and sought-after corporate facilitators in the professional development space. Game-changing thinkers include psychotherapist and executive coach Mim Bartlett, certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Sacha Stewart, as well as a host of facilitators teaching workshops on positive psychology, nutritional therapy and corporate creativity.


The Cocoon Room Melbourne is a welcome escape for those transitioning back to the bustle of CBD life.


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