The Children

The Children

The Children

In a place that hides secrets and lies, everyone is not always as they seem...

Recently divorced Solvej rents an isolated farmhouse in Hvium, where her daughter lives with her father. She will be able to see her little girl again - to start over.

As winter descends on Denmark, Solvej is completely alone. Soon she makes friends, starts a new job and mends her relationship with her daughter - but just as she begins to feel happy and settled, darkness descends.

Faced with the conflict and unhappiness that lies beneath the surface, Solvej must ask herself: when is it right to step in and when is right not to?

A thriller, a romance, and a portrait of our time - Ida Jessen writes about domestic tension, mothers and daughters, female desire and small communities with a keen eye yet without moralising.

Ida Jessen is one of Denmark's bestselling female authors. Since 1989 she has written ten novels and short stories collections for both adults and children. Jessen has also translated novels from Norwegian and English into Danish (including those by Karin Fossum, the 'Norwegian Queen of Crime'). Jessen has won a swathe of awards, including the prestigeous Søren Gyldendal Prize and the BG Bangs Literary Prize. For The Children (Børnene) she was nominated for the Prize of the Nordic Council in 2010 and won The Golden Laurels 2009 - a significant prize awarded by Danish booksellers.

The Children
UWA Publishing
Author: Ida Jessen
ISBN: 9781742584355
Price: $29.95




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