Manly Spirits The Beaches Gin

Manly Spirits The Beaches Gin

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's about to get a whole lot better with Manly Spirits Co.'s latest limited edition gin release The Beaches.  


With a flavour profile that combines iconic summer ingredients mango, coconut, and pine-n-line ice cream, The Beaches is a full-flavoured gin that's perfect for tropical summer cocktails. Available for limited time only, this exclusive spirit is perfect for Christmas gifting and is sure to get your name on Santa's 'nice' list. 

The Beaches gin is also the gift that keeps on giving, with Manly Spirits Co. donating $5 from every bottle sold to the Australian Marine Conservation Society: Australia's only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife. Funds raised will directly contribute to reducing ocean plastics and protecting some of Australia's threatened and endangered marine species. 

In a first for the liquor company known for its premium, handcrafted Australian Gin, Whisky, Botanical Vodka and Liqueurs, Manly Spirits Co. has partnered with Northern Beaches artist, Tegan Franks, to create a unique label that brings the essence and 'vibe' of living and playing on the beaches to life a concept that resonates with the values of the Manly-based, Aussie-owned company. 

"We set our sights on creating a gin that pushes the boundaries of deliciousness, and partnering with local artist Tegan Franks to create a label celebrating the quintessential summer flavours and Aussie beach lifestyle, made perfect sense." said Vanessa Wilton, Creative Director of Manly Spirits.


Making a full-flavoured gin perfect for tropical summer cocktails required extensive flavour development and recipe trialling. The Manly Spirits Distillery Gin School with it's15 miniature stills came in handy as the laboratory was used to figure out the best combination of distilled and infused tropical fruits, marine elements and traditional Aussie dry gin notes that worked to make this 'Gin-a-Colada'. 

"We used loads of Australian pineapple, rainforest lime and blood orange in the distillation process, highlighting tropical notes with a dry/citrus finish. We then layered in our tropical fruits shredded coconut, dried mango, and banana, all infused in the gin base for 24 hours. The whole process takes 5 days of infusing to extract all oily aromatics from the coconut, fattiness & roundness from the banana, and sweet
tropical notes from the mango." said David Richards, Distillery Manager.

Manly Spirits Co. gins are handcrafted in Manly using a carefully-considered blend of sustainably-foraged marine and Australian native botanicals and more traditional gin botanicals, all balanced neatly with the highest-quality Australian grain spirit.


The Beaches G in ($95 700ml bottle) can be purchased online via and is available for delivery nationwide.


Review: With so many Gin on the market, how do you pick the right one?  Is it a pretty bottle, maybe that helps, but the right taste is more important, The Beaches Gin has summer flavours that can be enjoyed with basic tonic or soda, or make an extraordinary cocktail.



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