Tara: Memoirs From The Boudoir

Tara: Memoirs From The Boudoir

'Enter Taylor Tara's private world, a world that, to some, is forbidden.'

In a similar style to 50 Shades of Grey, TARA"Memoirs from the Boudoir is Taylor Tara's first-hand experience as a mother and grandmother and her decision to become an escort.

In her memoir, Taylor uncovers the forbidden world of a mature Aussie escort in a way you have never seen. She shares her personal journey navigating her way through a world she at first knew very little about.

The love, the laughter and the tears, taking you behind the scenes of the amazing men who became a part of her new world.

She shares what she has learnt as a working girl, regardless of how it will be received.

From steamy sex scenes to the vulnerable, lonely and lost, all are actual events from her roller coaster life. Taylor Tara breaks the mould on what you think a sex worker is, providing fast paced insight into the controversial world of paid sex.

Tara: Memoirs From The Boudoir
New Holland Publishers
Author: Taylor Tara
RRP: $29.99