Superfood I Can't See Video

Superfood I Can't See Video

Superfood I Can't See Video

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Bambino out now via Dirty Hit
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Following the release of their lauded second full-length Bambino, Superfood have shared the video for recent single 'I Can't See' a dub-smothered, woozy cut. Resplendent with broad instrumentation and syrupy guitar work, the track is sundown pop which warps through its three minutes, peaking with a sky high vocal refrain and a chorus primed for singalongs.

LP #2 Bambino is the band's first album through Dirty Hit and one that tears apart the rule book of what should be expected of a band in 2017, as the London via Birmingham two-piece fuse sample led dub to their technicolour indie.

Bambino was recorded over the past couple of years. Free from outside influence, the self-produced record bursts with light but the album's formation wasn't without its problems, "we had no money, no label and wanted to give up several times." says frontman Ganderton. The band emerged through the struggles with a record that serves as a document to perseverance, while putting to bed any notion of a difficult second record and pointing to an exciting new direction for the band.

Superfood Bambino Tracklisting

Where's The Bass Amp?
I Can't See
wibble mtn
Natural Supersoul
Need A Little Spider
c is for colour
Double Dutch
Clo Park