Style Sessions

Style Sessions

Perfecting the Art of Dressing

With women in the age of social media desperately trying to keep up with the digitally edited images all around them, it upset Kristin Todd that in her work as a personal stylist so many of her clients started their day feeling negative about themselves.

In Style Sessions – Kristin aims to change the way women feel about themselves by making style advice accessible to everyone.

Packed with insider tips, Kristin's approach to dressing is fresh and led by taste and inspiration rather than rules. Kristin sets out to show women that being stylish isn't about wearing the latest looks from the runway, it's about building a wardrobe that's an extension of your taste, your body and your lifestyle.

Kristin Todd is a fashion stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for more than ten years. Kristin conducts personal styling sessions and workshops, hosts fashion parades and writes about fashion.

Style Sessions
New Holland Publishers
Author: Kristin Todd
RRP: $32.99

Interview with Kristin Todd

Question: What inspired you to write Style Sessions?

Kristin Todd: I first began writing STYLE SESSIONS because I wanted to make the information about building a personal style easily accessible to all women. For a long time personal styling sessions have been perceived to be a service that is reserved for celebrities, A-listers and wealthy women. I believe all women should be able to access the same valuable advice. As I immersed myself more deeply into the book, I discovered I also had messages for women on more of a person level. My thoughts about how women view themselves through a microscope, how women struggle to keep up with other women's profiles on social media, how women are influenced by all kinds of things other than their own personal flavour. My book became more about wanting to transform the way women are approaching dressing. There are other messages I communicate in the book to help build confidence through the way women present themselves and how important that confidence truly is to help navigate through an ever changing landscape.

Question: Can you share one piece of advice for perfecting the art of dressing, on a budget?

Kristin Todd: It's not what you are wearing. It's how you wear it!

Not every part of your look needs to be designer. Organic cotton plan white T-shirts are $6 at target (in the men's section) finding those little gems will not compromise your look and are important when you have limited cash in your back pocket. Roll up the sleeve, tuck into your high-waisted denim and your look will appear high end.

I also buy real leather belts from op shops! They never cost more than $10 and the always add value to my outfit. See you at the op shop!

Question: Which celebrities do you look to for fashion inspiration?

Kristin Todd: Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss, Cher.

Question: How can we know how to dress, for our body type and shape?

Kristin Todd: My textiles and design teacher used to say to me "if you've got it, flaunt it, and if you haven't got it, hide it and flaunt something else"

I have based my whole approach to advising women on what they should wear on this concept, which I adore. Focus on your assets; "your best parts" bring them into the spotlight by using colour, texture, cut and decoration (accessories. The parts you don't like tuck them away or move them into the background with plain and understated pieces.

Not every body fits perfectly into the traditional figure-type guide, I prefer to focus on individual areas and create and outfit based on assets and modesties.

Question: What is your go-to outfit?

Kristin Todd: Jeans, T-shirt, slides and blazer…

I'm a mum of two sons. Jeans get me through the day and into the night. They are also Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter. That is like gold for me. I have my best fit in every wash #helpfultip. They stretch with me, are hard wearing and are a neat fit offering support around my tummy.
To make my jeans more casual I wear a variety of different T-shirts, some plain, some with meaningful slogans.
Then to make my jeans business, I always have a blazer with me…

The slide can vary from pointed closed toe, to mule, to flatform. Always quick and easy to slide into.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

Style Sessions

New Holland Publishers
Author: Kristin Todd
RRP: $32.99