Sports Baby Baby

Sports Baby Baby

Bringing some dreamy chillwave-flecked R&B into our lives this month, US duo Sports announce their new single, 'Baby Baby'.

Releasing their first single for 2020 back in May with 'Tell You Something', the band began to gear up in introducing fans to their new chapter. 'Baby Baby' sees the band continue to experiment with influences and direction, delivering a single that brings psych influences together with R&B and dream-pop threads, making for an insatiable listen.

Recorded this year at Oklahoma's Blackwatch Studios with Chad Copelin (LANY, Sufjan Stevens), 'Baby Baby' came together following songwriting sessions where Sports' Cale Chronister took the idea of codependency and the emotions surrounding it, and brought them into Sports' unique musical world.

"'Baby Baby' is about codependency. My emotions being dependent on someone else's emotions. It's about a vicious cycle of not being able to comfort someone who is crying, and their crying ending up making me more upset than they are." Cale Chronister, Sports

As he explains, 'Baby Baby' focuses on ego and inner struggle - it stands out as a personal monologue, set to a beautifully produced soundtrack.

"In the verses of the song I'm expressing my frustration with being unable to be comforting, and in the chorus I end up asking for comfort. It's a messed up cycle that I find myself. The ego placing itself where it doesn't belong. As the song goes on, that last chorus gets more emotional, and the same lyrics can be heard as actual empathy. As if something clicked and I felt your pain and cried with you; instead of just trying to make myself feel better." Cale Chronister, Sports

With a sound that evokes the likes of Client Liaison, MGMT and Empire of The Sun, Sports have been meticulously creating their sonic space since their 2015 debut album Naked All The Time.

Currently made up of Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot, Sports have been unafraid of playing with tones and delving further into textural experiments as their music has evolved over subsequent releases. Consistently releasing music and developing for themselves a strong live presence in the years that followed, the band has become an eclectic musical force in the US, now setting their sights on further growing their Australian fan base.