Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested

Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested

Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested, by former financial adviser and host of the top-rating my millennial money podcast, Glen James, provides a practical, no BS guide to getting your finances on track.

Sharing his unique and life-changing approach to navigating life's major financial milestones, Glen guides readers on topics such as dealing with debt, developing a spending plan that actually works, and buying your first property, through to investing in shares and creating a financial plan that sets you up for long-term success. Filled with a diverse range of case studies and written in an accessible, matter-of-fact style for anyone who just wants to know what works for them, readers learn:

• Realistic ways to increase your income & help balance your budget
• The methods that lead to a safer, more stable financial future
• The smart way to invest in real estate and purchase a home or investment property
• How to understand the share market, ethical investing, and your superannuation
• Getting out of debt and getting the most out of your life

Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested isn't a dry, boring finance book – it's a crackling, entertaining and super practical guide that outlines everything you need to do to secure your financial future.

About the author 
Glen James is a retired financial adviser with experience helping countless people get on top of their finances and is host of the top-rating my millennial money podcast. With his own personal financial success behind him, Glen has a passion to help people achieve financial freedom as he has. His teaching method is light-hearted and fun while still managing to cover sensitive and important topics in an engaging way. Glen speaks to regular people & financial planning professionals at various events nationally and is a regular contributor to a variety of national money publications. This is his first book.

Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested
Glen James
ISBN: 9780730396505
RRP: $32.95