SOL At Home in Mallorca

SOL At Home in Mallorca

In this gorgeous interiors hardback, SOL: At Home In Mallorca, author Nic Holden takes you inside fifteen beautiful properties in her adopted home of the Balearic Islands in Spain.


The sun-drenched Mediterranean paradise is having a design moment with a new wave of design talent fostering a nostalgic respect for tradition. The stunning houses and lush gardens traverse the rustic and the contemporary, the vibrant and neutral, the beach and the mountains.


Dubbed one of Europe's most covetable islands, Mallorca has the best of both the seaside and the mountains.  SOL richly illustrates this sundrenched Mediterranean paradise with homes from the truly modern to charmingly rustic.  It showcases the architectural talent and inspiration behind the designs, as well as insight from the people who live there.


Author Nic Holden is an artist and designer who lives in Mallorca with her family.  She takes us into the heart of Mallorca with a deep respect for the craftspeople, artists, architects, makers and designers contributing to this beautiful island community.


Nic Holden believes that everything important about a piece of architecture can be understood by the interactions it sets up between light, mass, surface, space and shadow - in essence, by studying the way in which sunlight falls across a wall.  To Holden, SOL is fundametally a book about light - about what light allows you to see, how it makes you feel, the atmosphere it creates and the ways of being it makes possible.


Perfect for readers who love Still: The Slow Home (by Natalie Walton), this book features stunning photographs by Lucia Gorostegui alongside intimate interviews with the architects, designers and residents.

SOL: At Home In Mallorca is a window into Spanish life that captures the essence of la vida mallorquina.

by Nic Holden

Hardie Grant

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