Entrepreneur for Teens Book

Entrepreneur for Teens Book

Meet The Sisters Championing Every Career Path for Every Girl
They've even written a book about it!

It is well known that within the Australian workforce, women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles across almost all industries. While females make up half of our workforce, just 19.4% of CEOs are women, and 22% of Boards and governing bodies in Australia still have no female directors.

And don't even get started on the gender pay gap…

However two sisters are working to combat this from the ground up – by working to showcase all career paths to all girls.

Why? Because if you can see it, you can be it.

From books to television, movies to podcasts, sisters Briana Cicchelli and Annika Launay are working to change the status quo through their impact start-up, www.Franc.World.

"Nearly every imbalance in today's workforce stems from unconscious biases which are set during childhood," says Briana.

"To showcase this, imagine a plumber and a pilot, what gender do you assign to them? Now consider a teacher and a nurse."

"This is why we created Franc.World," adds Annika. "Our vision is to create a truly equitable, inclusive and prosperous society where gender, race, and postcode play no role in career choice, hiring strategy or salary."

With backgrounds in business, marketing and entrepreneurship, the sisters have spent the last decade working together, with Franc.World their third co-owned venture.

"With five children, three of them girls between us, we wanted to build a business capable of creating real, tangible change. With Franc.World, we're able to utilise all forms of media to connect directly with girls of all ages to show them just what's possible."

Coming this September is their first book, ENTREPRENEUR [for teens] - for any girl who has ever wanted to be her own boss, build a bold side hustle and create her own future.

Designed in an easy-to-read format, this informative, (and quite fabulous-looking!) guide, takes the reader through every stage of creating and starting a business, from initial idea, to resilience, mindset and giving back.

Learn how to:
- Come up with a winning business idea
- Write a business plan
- Create a brand
- Build a marketing strategy, and more!

Also interviews with some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs – including Shark Tank alum and Contour Cube Founder Sarah Forrai, The Block All Star sisters Alisa and Lysandra and TikTok sensation Jasmin Brisbane.

"Even if you aren't sure what job you want in future - but know that getting a standard role is not for you - chances are you might just want to be an entrepreneur," says Annika.

"Entrepreneur is the first book in our series, with STEM and FASHION to follow in 2025. Along with our Franc.World website and documentary series, Franc's Cool Jobs (in pre-production), we are dedicated to showing all career paths to all our girls, after all, you can't be what you
can't see."

ENTREPRENEUR [for teens] is now currently for pre-sale through QBD Books in Australia. It will be officially launched in September. The second book in the series, STEM [for teens] is due for release in early 2025.

RRP: $23.99

Authors Briana Cicchelli and Annika Launay are sisters, entrepreneurs and BIG fans of broad educations, brilliant careers and bold side hustles. Together they have created, built and run four successful businesses including a marketing agency, a fancy cheese shop and Australia's largest platform showcasing career paths to girls - www.franc.world


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