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Slim Businez

Slim Businez

The Slim Businez regime allows followers to have the weekend off when it comes to drinks and food. It says to weigh in every day and by every Monday morning achieve 1kg (or more) of weight loss for the week.

'If you are 2kg ahead of schedule Friday morning then gaining 1kg on the weekend means you have achieved your target for the week. Two steps forward, one step back is success," says Cupples.

'It is not a nanny diet. No-one's life goes up or down in a straight line so neither does your weight loss program have to be exactly the same every day. Forget tips, tricks and superfoods and try an effective process."

Every chapter in Slim Businez provides practical tips that guide the reader to make a difference to the way they look and feel.

'Thinking for yourself is vital. Unless you think for yourself, you'll be forever changing as -experts' continue to disagree with other -experts' about diets and weight loss. This has a lot to do with the billions of dollars invested in modern processed food and the millions spent advertising it to make sure you continually visit the same supermarket aisles. Movie stars, sports stars and experts are all paid to promote food and beverage products."

Mark Cupples knows because he's been there. After 35 years of being overweight and trying many different diets that didn't work long-term, he decided to take a businesslike approach to produce the results he had been trying to achieve for years. Utilising his MBA skills, -businesslike' means looking for the best results for the most people using an effective process.

In losing 30kg and keeping it off, Mark's approach proved a success: slim on the outside and healthy on the inside. Other things that went down as well as the weight were blood pressure and cholesterol ratios.

'When the reader understands what their body does with food that becomes an enlightening moment. The book is no-nonsense, easy to read and remember, and easy to do. There are plenty of summaries for anyone that needs to refer back to the book."

Key messages include:
80% of weight loss results will come from the first 20% of your efforts. The hardest part is knowing what to do.
Food suggestions are the old fashioned foods of meat, butter, traditional oils, cheese, fruit and vegetables. There was no epidemic of obesity, cancer, heart attack and stroke when people ate these foods pre 1900.
Controlled carbohydrate eating and exercise is the best way to lose weight.
Exercise makes everything happen faster. People don't exercise because they don't like it, so start with walking. Walking works.
Weigh in daily. It's easy to do. Most people gain and lose weight every day, not once a week.
The most advertising dollars are usually spent on the foods that make you fatter faster.

It also covers:
What the body does with carbohydrates (sugars and other carbs), proteins and fats.
Sugar substitutes.
Cooking styles to lose weight.
Simplifications: count calories; fat makes you fat; low GI; and count carbs. Which work the best and which don't work at all.
Four program options to achieve results.
Simple recipe ideas.

Mark Cupples took two years to research and write Slim Businez and emphasises effective processes to lose weight. After 35 years of being overweight Mark decided he wanted to develop an effective -real world' system that anyone could follow. When it worked for Mark he knew it could work for anyone. Using his MBA skills, Mark's businesslike approach looks for results and ensures as many people as possible succeed in their weight loss journey.

Mark's research has uncovered the truth about why experts don't agree on diets and exercise including why business, supermarkets and food companies want to keep you visiting the same aisles that helped you get fat in the first place. Mark lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Slim Businez
Author: Mark Cupples
RRP: $29.95


Interview with Mark Cupples

Question: Why did you decide to write Slim Businez?

Mark Cupples: I spent 35 years or so as an overweight person and I tried a lot of diets and listened to a lot of 'experts".

I finally had success and by success I mean I lost the weight, I did not suffer too much in terms of being hungry and my blood pressure and cholesterol ratios all improved dramatically. I was slim on the outside and my doctor was very happy to say I was healthy on the inside.

While I was losing weight I listed to experts who claimed the diet was no good, experts who misrepresented the diet.

So, why are experts continually disagreeing about food and diets? What one expert says is good in the morning the next expert says is bad in the afternoon.

My own success and the endless 'expert" confusion motivated me to do my own research and develop a program that anyone can master.

Question: What is Slim Businez?

Mark Cupples: Slim Businez is a 'how to lose body fat and eat healthy" book where the main aim is lose body fat. Early on in the book I explain to people that the aim is to lose body fat, which is good for you and that losing weight is not the same thing. Anorexics lose weight.

Slim Businez takes a business-like approach, meaning we are looking for results, not theories. We start with the Mind. A successful business has a Vision, a Mission, Goals.

The obese or overweight person needs a:
• Vision, of themselves as slim.
• Mission, to achieve their weight goal.
• Goals, Use the 80/20 rule, Use the Keys to Success.

How to lose body fat and eat healthy includes:
• Taking that business-like approach. Yes, there is a lot of emotion in being overweight but to succeed you also need logic.
• Any diet works, as long as you keep doing what you are told. The problem is, if you don't learn how to do it by yourself ... you gain your weight back as soon as you stop doing what you are told. You need to learn enough to do it yourself.
• You need to believe you can do it, you need to think for yourself. An 'expert" will agree with Slim Businez in the morning and another expert will disagree in the afternoon.
• I include my own personal story in terms of losing weight and being healthy on the inside.
• Food: How your body deals with protein, fat and carbohydrate. Knowledge is power.
• Pick whose side you are on! Experts continually disagree and the only logical answer is some are right and some are wrong. There was no epidemic of obesity, cancer, heart attack and stroke in 1890. Choose experts who promote traditional food.
• Beware marketing. Billions of dollars are invested in the food industry, which pays sports stars, movie starts and experts to promote their food and drink. It took 50 years for cigarettes to be declared cancer-causing while cigarette companies paid experts to say cigarettes did not cause cancer.
• How the body digests carbohydrates into blood sugar, the key to obesity.
• Processed food is full of cheap, tasty, carbohydrate.
• Exercise: Most people don't like it. Try walking, it works.
• Things you can do to help yourself, like going to a party and controlling your food intake and not drinking alcohol or softdrink. The martial art of 'Go and No".

Question: How is your weight-loss approach different?

Mark Cupples: I have not read every other diet book in the world but some differences are

1. Take a business-like approach.
a. Look for results, slim on the outside and healthy on the inside.

2. Explains how the human body treats protein, fat and carbohydrate.

3. Includes the 'latest research" ... there was no epidemic (obesity, heart attack, cancer and stroke) in 1890 when people ate meat, fish, butter, coconut oil, fruit and vegetables.

4. No maybe this and maybe that. Choose whose side you are on. Traditional good includes saturated fat, which is good for you.

5. Weigh in daily, pay attention daily.

6. Don't avoid parties, you won't in the long term. Turn up and avoid the food and drink: 'Go and No".

7. You need to think for yourself or be confused by the next expert or food add or both.

8. You can prove it for yourself, just like I did.
a. Be healthy on the inside.
i. Take your blood pressure and cholesterol levels before you start you see the improvements as you lose weight 'proof".

b. Try it (not because it's good for you but because you want to 'prove it for yourself")
i. Protein only for a while; proves you lose weight.
ii. Try fat only for a while, no-one can do it in the first place; proves you lose weight.
iii. Carbohydrate only and see how fast you gain weight. Everybody can eat cakes, biscuits, bread, pizza, pies etc.

9. The book is not too long and not too short. Plenty of summaries. a. Who reads a 300 page diet book twice? Nobody

Question: What is your top diet tip?

Mark Cupples: Carbohydrates are the body's first choice of energy and excess is stored as body fat.

Our supermarkets are full of cheap tasty carbohydrate. Supermarkets and food corporations spend millions (probably billions) of dollars keeping you going up and down the same aisles, they pay sports starts, movie stars and experts to keep you in all the 'high carb/high sugar" aisles.

Question: And, your top exercise tip?

Mark Cupples: Hardly anyone likes exercise, and people don't do what they don't like.

If you take 100 overweight people and tell them they must start running, or weight lifting or swimming or getting a personal trainer ... they won't do it. Or they start but quickly stop.

My top tip is: try walking it's easy and it works.

Question: What's the difference between body fat and muscle?

Mark Cupples: Muscles we need, nobody could stand up without muscles. You need muscles to pick up a cup of coffee.

Body Fat, we only need some to be healthy. Essential tat 10-13% for a women, 2-5% for a man.

What is the 80/20 idea?

Mark Cupples: 80/20, also known as the Pareto Principle, is also drawn from business. 80% of what you need to achieve 'body fat loss" is found by concentrating on the 20% of things that matter.

So my book summarises and explains the things that really matter. 80% plus of what anyone will ever need to know about food and weight loss are contained in a 183 page book called 'Slim Businez".

Question: Why should we weigh ourselves, daily?

Mark Cupples: Weight loss is hard for most people and so is working out what went wrong. Weighing in daily is easy and most of the time the answer is correct. That means, if it goes bad, you only have to analyse what went wrong for 1 day.

If you weigh in once a week and it's a bad week who can remember what they ate, drank and did for a week? Hardly anyone? Who keeps count of all their food, drink and exercise every day? Hardly anyone.

Weight loss is hard for most people, so pay attention daily: a daily weigh in easy!

Question: What's one simple cooking change we can make that will help us lose weight?

Mark Cupples: Bake less.
Baking goes with 'bake a cake, bake scones, bake biscuits". All those things taste great and are loaded with carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate gets digested into blood sugar and we either use it for energy or it gets stored as body fat. Lots of carbohydrates don't go well with our modern low physical work lives.

Question: Can you share a recipe, with us?

Mark Cupples: I have a lot of diet books with pages of recipes and in the end I never use any of them. I do have some food tips in the back of the book but they are quite basic e.g. Meat and Salad.

One of my favourite recipes I'd like to share is my breakfast cereal, which is high fibre, low carb with healthy probiotics from yoghurt and tastes great (sweet vanilla).

Cold Breakfast ~ Muesli+

This recipe starts with a commercial/supermarket breakfast cereal that is very low in sugar as follows:

*1 For people with lactose intolerance you can find substitutes – almond milk, coconut milk, etc.
*2 Fiber. Remember, 20-25g a day for women and 30-35g a day for men!

Slim Businez
Author: Mark Cupples
RRP: $29.95

Interview by Brooke Hunter