The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program

The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program

The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program

A twelve week plan and 70 recipes to help you reduce unhealthy belly fat and live a healthier life.

It's best-selling author Berit Nordstrand's fall-in-love-with-life approach to food that makes her belly fat program unique. We now know that it's the fact around your belly, rather than anywhere else on your body, that's the most dangerous to health. Belly fat causes problems for the liver, kidneys and heart and contributes to cardiovascular disease, asthma, migraine, rheumatism, cancer, depression and of course diabetes. For men, a healthy waist size measures less than 94 cm and for women, a waist less than 80 cm. In this book, Berit sets clear, short-term goals to help you to reduce your belly fat over 12 weeks. Her program is packed with food and body facts, and simple food tips, tricks and more than 65 recipes that speed up the rate at which your body burns fat, increase your muscle mass and help you reach your ideal, healthy waist size.


Berit Nordstrand On breaking addiction:

It varies from person to person, but when you swap the refined white carbohydrates for ingredients that stablise your blood sugar, keep your insulin-waves lower and are far more nutritious , your cravings for sugar cease to exist from days to weeks.

It is importatnt not to put too much pressure on yourself and to still enjoy life.

Its important to change your diet and your attitude to food first, so that you are gradually gaining more energy before you start exercising. You need good, nutritious food to fuel your engine.


The program has great success because:

It isnt calorie focussed: counting calories might make you slimmer, but not necesserily healthier and doesn't target the waistline, like eating the right foods can.


The book features recipes that enrich your gut flora (your mikrobioma), stabilise blood sugar and keep insulin levels down, stengthen & stablise your immune system, prevent lifestyle induced disease, stablise hormones, build muscle mass and keep you focussed.


Your health is not determined by your genes, Its up to your lifestyle and programming your body. Every little step counts. It doesnt have to be complicated. This book will:


1         Help you reach your weight goals, decrease your waistline

2         Strengthen and stabilise your immune system, decreasing inflammation, and preventing cancer.

3         Strengthen your mental & emotional health

4         Prevent Menopause symptoms

5         Decrease inflammation and Chronic pain

6         Improve sleep quality


Norwegian physician and specialist in clinical pharmacology Berit Nordstrand is devoted to studying the relationship between food and health. Also a certified cognitive therapist, Berit serves as chief consultant in a clinic specializing in addiction medicine. More than twenty years ago, when a young mother and recent medical school graduate, Berit faced numerous health challenges with her young son including epilepsy and ADHD and sought out ways to use food to help her son. Now, her son Petter is doing great, and Berit shares her results with the world on how the right food can bolster health and help us enjoy life to the fullest. Mother to six children between the ages of 6 and 22 years old, Berit is known for her inspiring talks and her passionate belief that everyone can enjoy the food they eat every day while reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases.

The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program
Murdoch Books
Author: Berit Nordstrand
ISBN: 9781743368893
RRP: $39.99


Oven-Roasted Salmon With Dill

This is probably my children's favourite recipe, especially when the salmon is served with pearl barley and a dollop of sour cream. You can use any leftovers in the salmon salad on page 97. Fresh dill tastes best in this dish, but dried dill is also good.

Serves 4–5



extra virgin olive oil

800 g–1 kg (1 lb 12 oz–2 lb 4 oz) piece salmon with skin

sea salt

lots of fresh or dried dill
finely diced cucumber, chopped spring onion (scallion), flat-leaf parsley and microherbs, to garnish


Preheat the oven to 160°C (315°F).

Brush an ovenproof dish with a little olive oil. Put the salmon in the dish with the skin side down. Brush the salmon with olive oil.

Sprinkle a little sea salt over the fish, followed by lots of dill. The fish should be completely green on top.

Cook the fish in the oven for about 20 minutes, until it is just light pink and firm to the touch when you press down with a fork.

TIP: Roast a little broccoli along with the salmon, and cook up some pearl barley instead of white rice. Mix different types of lettuce in a big bowl, and voilà – you've got a complete dinner, ready to go.



Raspberry Gratin

This simple dessert provides lots of nutrition from eggs and berries, at the same time as warming the heart.

Serves 2



200 g (7 oz) frozen raspberries or whatever berries you have in the house

2 eggs

1–2 tablespoons honey

mint, to garnish


Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F).

Put the raspberries in an ovenproof dish.

Whisk the eggs and honey until they are light and fluffy. Pour the egg mixture over the raspberries.

Bake the gratin in the oven for 5–6 minutes. Serve topped with a sprig of mint.



The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program
Murdoch Books
Author: Berit Nordstrand
ISBN: 9781743368893
RRP: $39.99