Sid Pattni Love and Desire

Sid Pattni Love and Desire

Sid Pattni Love and Desire

Introducing the newest member of the Pilerats clan, electro-funk man Sid Pattni. With superstars like Meg Mac, Kimbra, Ta-Ku & M-Phazes scrambling for studio time with him, it's no surprise that Sid's next work has been a long time coming. Bubbling behind the scenes for the best part of a year, the mega accomplished Perth based multi-instrumentalist is ready to push out his funked out body rhythms and sunshine synths to the world.


Listen To 'Love And Desire' Ft. Sophie Hopes


Coming off like the dapper older brother of The Kite String Tangle, infused with the ecstatic top lines of early Flight Facilities, Sid's background in jazz & funk (informed by his time at the West Coast's premiere music school WAAPA) mean delicious snare patterns & subtle changes in arrangement abound. Effortless build ups and stomping drum breakdowns weave in and out of a truly massive chorus hook, keeping the party moving, & smiles painted across the faces of everybody in the room.


Last heard on 'Go Back Home' Ft. Meg Mac, Sid's new single, 'Love & Desire' ft. Sophie Hopes is a shuffling, larger than life dance track, full of blazing major chord patterns, & a hypnotic sing along vocal, all about the ups and downs of love and lust for generation Y.


Love And Desire, released 20 March via Pilerats Records

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