Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Business Guru Dale Beaumont's New Book Reveals All

Currently 14.5% of Australians aged 18 – 65 are entrepreneurs. Despite this healthy number, it's a well-known fact that not many business owners succeed. In fact, 60% of businesses don't make it past three years. To help create more successful entrepreneurs, Dale Beaumont, award-winning technology entrepreneur, international speaker and author, is continually creating pathways to help budding business owners achieve success.

This passion to inspire and educate the next generation of achievers led Dale to create the 'Secrets Exposed' book series. Between 2005 and 2007 16 'Secrets Exposed' books were published to high acclaim and impressive sales. Now, ten years on, in which time Dale has developed Australia's largest and most successful entrepreneur training program Business Blueprint and its AI version Bizversity, Dale is launching his next 'Secrets Exposed' series, starting with 'Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Exposed'.

The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Exposed brings readers up close and personal with highly successful entrepreneurs in a range of industries. The book features a Q&A with 14 entrepreneurs and delves into the secrets behind their business mindset and entrepreneurial success.

"Whatever you want in life, chances are someone else has already done it, so why not learn from them? Following someone's recipe and listening to their secrets will help people make more calculated and purposeful decisions. This is my philosophy in life and it continues through this easy to read book," says Dale.

Below, five of the entrepreneurs featured in the book have divulged their number one secret recipe to success:

Never stop learning
"The business environment changes so fast, the only way to keep up is to continue to learn and improve. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you improve. The more you improve, the more you succeed." – Skye Anderton, Ruby Olive Jewellery

Be clear
"Be clear on your vision and each day do one thing that brings you closer to that." – Mark Ottobre, Enterprise Fitness

Invest in personal and professional development
"This has helped me remove any barriers that were in the way of my success, such as thinking small. I have learnt to believe that anything is possible when you create a clear vision of what you want your business to look like. My brain has been trained over years to always find a way, no matter what the obstacles." – Michelle Young, POP UP Cosmetics

Progress over perfection
"Being an accountant and coming from a technical background I have always been a perfectionist, so this was a big one for me, as it required a shift in the way I perceived business processes and what I spent my time on." – Mark Williams, Imagine Accounting

Stand by your highest morals and values at all times

"It is important for people to see the 'real you' and hence know who they are dealing with without a facade. If you fail to do this, karma will come and bite you!" - Andy & Angela Smith, Dr DRiP Pty Ltd and Lifestyle Tradie Group

Other contributors included in the book include:
Peter Moriarty, itGenius
Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Top Blokes Foundation
Kody Thompson, Lightning Sites
Sue-Ellen Watts, wattsnext
Sean Hersee, SAGE Painting
Tina Tower, Begin Bright
Sharon Witt, Girlwise
Paul Dunn, The Results Corporation

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Interview with Dale Beaumont

Question: What inspired you to write 'Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Exposed'?

Dale Beaumont: In my younger years, I was a Gymnast. This taught me a lot of important lessons with the most important being the value of 'having a coach'.

What I learnt was there are two ways to do anything in life. One is to do it on your own and the other is to learn from someone that has been there and experienced it, someone that has developed a recipe for success.

So when I finished my sporting career and started my first business, straight away I started looking for coaches. Basically, people that had achieved success and were happy to share their knowledge.

I started by calling people on the phone and saying, "Hi, my name is Dale. You don't know me, but I have just read an article about you in XYZ magazine. I really admire and respect what you have achieved and I was wondering if I can take you out to lunch. I will meet you any time and any place, can I please have 30 mins of your time?"

This led me to meet dozens of highly successful business people and by using their advice and their recipe for success, I made over a million dollars before the age of 25.

At this point, I started to think, wouldn't it be great if there was a way that other people could access the same knowledge in a more convenient way. A way where they didn't have to travel and spend hundreds of dollars on flights and accommodation.

That is what led to the creation of the 'Secrets Exposed' book series. Now people can access my interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs for less than the cost of a steak and fries.

Question: Who did you interview for Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs?

Dale Beaumont: Tina Tower (Young Telstra Business Women of the Year)
Paul Dunn (From a Start-up to a $23 million company)
Melissa Abu-Gazaleh (EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year)
Andrew & Angela Smith (#1 Trade Business in Australia)
Peter Moriarty (30under30 Entrepreneur Awards Winner)
Plus, 9 other highly successful entrepreneurs

Question: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Dale Beaumont: If you are going into business you need to know the failure rates of business are extremely high. However, I've discovered that there is an antidote to business failure and that is education. Basically the more you learn, the greater your chances of business success!

So make it a point to educate yourself and learn as much as you possibly can. You can start by subscribing to blogs, reading books, listening to podcasts and attending live events and workshops.

Further to this, it's a great idea to get yourself a coach. If you can't afford one, simply ask successful entrepreneurs if they can mentor you. As simple as it sounds, if you don't ask, you don't get. So give it a shot.

Question: What did you learn whilst writing Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs?

Dale Beaumont: There are so many lessons I learnt while writing 'Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Exposed'.

Resilience - In life and business there are always going to be setbacks. People will say no, others may let you down and some decisions you make are going to be flat out wrong. However, it is important to keep going, to keep moving forward. It is only because I didn't give up, we have our end product.

Be Flexible - While determination and resilience have been very important qualities I have also learnt to be flexible. In almost every case 'no' doesn't mean no forever, it is just no for now. So I have learnt to ask for feedback, make changes to our approach and try again. And if you try enough things eventually something will work.

Develop a Team - I have also learnt that nothing truly significant is ever achieved on your own. It is achieved through and with other people. When I learnt this and I started to hire and delegate tasks to others (that are better than me in many ways) that's when my business soared.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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