Season 2: Black

Season 2: Black

The Owl and Cat Theatre Season 2: Black

The Boys Club
Performances: Tues 19th – Sat 23rd April
8pm (Sat 4pm)
Running Time: 80min

Testosterone. Pills. And a prostitute.
A small cement company holds its annual warehouse party, but what starts out as a bit of frivolous fun quickly turns deadly.
The boys band together to cover up their mistakes, but their trust and sanity wears thin.


I don't keep secrets
But I do tell lies
Performances: Tues 3rd – Fri 13th May
Running Time: 140min (including 20min interval)

Is it the secrets or the lies that bind this bunch together?
A new Australian play about money, sex and social status. Jessica and Gregg have been married 8 years and it's not all its cut out it be. The past is here to haunt them and the present is just as bleak with lies, deception and secrets around every corner.
This side-splitting comedy will have you laughing out loud and gasping in surprise.


The Violet Sisters
Performances: Tues 17th – Fri 27th May
Running Time: 70min

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, Pam comes home to attend her fathers funeral. When she arrives, she is greeted by an angry sister, a dilapidated house and a past that she cannot escape.
A play about forgiving when you cannot bring yourself to forget.


Performances: Tues 31st May – Sat 4th June
8pm (Sat 4pm)
Running Time: 80min

MAN - addicted to alcohol.
WOMAN - addicted to the MAN.
The Owl and Cat Theatre launched FleshEatingTiger as its first play in its inaugural Season. It's now back and has been reworked with a whole new creative team, who will be taking the production to Alaska where it will be performed at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in honour of the playwright, Amy Tofte.


Performances: Tues 7th June – Fri 17th June
Running Time: 120min (including 20min interval)

Keep tells the story of a young hoarder, Naomi, who is trapped in her home by her own belongings.
Naomi's sisters surprise her with an intervention. What seems like a straightforward plan to clean up soon proves far more difficult than any of the sisters imagined, as old resentments and secrets rise to the surface.


Performances: Tues 21st June – Fri 1st July
Running Time: 130min (including 20min interval)

Sex, drugs and the Grateful Dead.

This full-length chronicles Sadie and Ethan's twenty-year toxic relationship as they follow the Grateful Dead.
An ode to a dying generation and a dying relationship.


Performances: Tues 5th July – Fri 15th July
Running Time: 60min

It all seems like a typical Friday night.
DVD's. Lipstick. Family Guy. YouTube. Pizza. Porn.
But tonight, Carrie's got a free house.
Spin the bottle. Kissing. Dancing.
But when boredom kicks in the group look for other ways to amuse themselves. With an open mind, Laura goes with it, but how far is she willing to go to join them?
Flash is about loss of innocence and where adulthood begins in today's world.


The Owl and Cat Theatre: 34 Swan Street, Cremorne Vic 3121