Sam's BBQ Pulled Pork

Sam's BBQ Pulled Pork

Sam's BBQ Pulled Pork

There's nothing better at Christmas time then good quality meat that has been slow cooked for six hours, so tender that it practically melts in your mouth.


Sam Canning has developed his own BBQ Pulled Pork recipe and would be happy to share it with your readers if you think it would be of interest. It's a rich, indulgent meal for Christmas and can be served with some side vegetables or placed in a brioche bun for a casual pulled pork slider.


Preparation Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time: 6 hours
Serves: 6 people



2.5kg of skinless, bone in, free range pork shoulder
Tube of SpiceVince Coriander Zing Marinade
Handful of brown sugar
Spices of your choosing such as dried chilli (optional)
3 apples, skin removed and grated
100-200ml of DL Jardines BBQ sauce
Coleslaw and brioche buns to serve



Preheat the over to 160 degrees Celsius
Start with 2.5kg of skinless, bone in free range pork shoulder
On the stove top fry a whole tube of SpiceVine Coriander Zing marinade in a heavy cast iron pot with a knob of butter
Meanwhile rub the pork with brown sugar and any other spices you like such as dried chilli
Once the coriander marinade and butter have been cooking for five minutes add 500ml of free range chicken stock
Add the seasoned pork shoulder to the pot and place the lid on
Place in the oven for three hours
Add the grated apples to the pot and mash/stir into the stock
Place the pot back in the oven, lid on, and reduce the temperature to 120 degrees
Cook for another three hours
Remove from the oven
Shred the pork with two forks and be sure to remove all bones
Add 100-200 ml of DL Jardines BBQ sauce
Keep shredding and mixing until the pulled pork looks sticky, saucy and amazing
Serve with coleslaw and brioche buns for the full Sam Canning's BBQ Pulled Pork Slider experience

Sam Canning is the owner of Cannings Free Range Butchers and the butcher who loves animals. Sam opened his first Cannings in 2010 and as the name suggests only stocks 100% free range produce. He's also a believer in local and sustainable produce. All products for his recipes can be found online at