Recipe To Riches

Recipe To Riches

Recipe To Riches


Television Good Enough To Eat


Recipe To Riches is an innovative series that takes much-loved home recipes from everyday Australians
and turns them into top-selling products on the shelves of Woolworths supermarkets.

The 12-part series, screening once a week, will lift the lid on the food we buy and give viewers a mouthwatering insight into a recipe's journey from its creator's kitchen, through to the branding, product
launch, and finally to supermarket shelves.


Each episode, three budding food entrepreneurs will be guided, mentored and judged by our experts:
Carman's Fine Foods owner Carolyn Creswell, advertising guru David -Nobby' Nobay and renowned chef
Darren Robertson.

The three experts help the contestants battle it out to see if their product can reach the 19.5 million Australians that pass through Woolworths' 900 stores every week.

Each episode features three different contestants who compete in a particular category such as Man
Food, Desserts or Condiments.


Viewers will follow the contestants as they 'batch up" their dishes to see if their recipe can be produced
on a mass scale, then devise a brand for their product in a brand workshop and create a product launch

The experts are then joined by Lizzy Ryley, GM of Customer Loyalty Woolworths Supermarkets, to choose
the winner. Together, they decide which product has the best chance of succeeding on supermarket
shelves, based on the contestant's performance during batch-up, branding and the product launch, as
well as Woolies customer feedback.

Each week's winner will then see their product on the shelves of Woolworths the day after the episode
screens, with viewers across Australia literally able to taste the result of the contestant's work the very
next day.

Now that's television good enough to eat.
Recipe To Riches is a FremantleMedia Australia production for TEN.

How The Competition Works

Each self-contained episode will begin with three contestants and end with one winner, whose product
will be sold on the shelves of Woolworths supermarkets the day after their episode is screened.
There are four main elements to each episode: the Batch Up, the Branding, the Product Launch and the
Final Decision.

Batch Up
The Batch Up Kitchen is where contestants cook a commercial quantity of their recipe to see if it can
make the successful transition from dining table to mass production. They are given ample time to batch
up and are observed and encouraged by Darren Robertson, Carolyn Creswell and David -Nobby' Nobay,
as well as -kitchen commando' Eddie. Our experts then taste their products, deliberate on their massmarket
appeal and decide which two recipe keepers will proceed – and which one leaves the competition.

Demystifying the marketing and branding of food, the next stage of the competition sees the two remaining
contestants concentrate on the visual and branding identity of their product in the Brand Workshop.
Nobby will help them identify their -brand', how to entice shoppers to buy their product and how
their -story' could influence consumers' attachment to the product. They use a story box that contains
mementos, photos and personal treasures that are close to a contestant's heart as inspiration. They will
undertake market research, and meet with logo and packaging design experts to bring their brand to life.

Product Launch
The two contestants launch their products to the public in a product launch tailor-made for their recipe.
Using ideas and feedback from the Brand Workshop, they aim to capture the attention and enthusiasm
of the public by targeting their key audience. They will theme the launch, effectively hosting a party with
their product as the centre piece. The public will taste test the product and provide feedback on whether
they would buy it at a supermarket. The experts will assess whether the launch targets the right audience,
how well the recipe is received and if the branding works.

Final Decision
Lizzy and the experts give the contestants feedback on their products, including that received from the
Woolworths Sensory Kitchen, which consists of a group of everyday Australians whose taste buds reflect
the Australian palette.

The experts and Lizzy discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the final two products, before delivering
their verdict to the contestants. The contestant deemed to have the most appealing product will see
their product on Woolworths shelves the very next day.