Twinings Pure White Tea

Twinings Pure White Tea

In an age where consumers crave unprocessed and natural products in their diets, Twinings has introduced a Pure White Tea to the Australian market. White tea is one of the world's least processed teas.

Known for its subtle and sweet flavour, Stephen Twining, 10th generation of the famous tea family suggests that white tea is a lighter alternative to green tea.

"Twinings' white tea is grown in the Fujian region of South East China, where only the bud and top leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant are hand picked and used to make the tea," says Twining. "The bud is plucked and then withered, making it one of the least processed tea blends available to consumers."

According to Twining, white tea is high in natural antioxidants, which may help protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

"Pure White Tea contains no added sugar is best served with no milk and no sugar. The flavour is naturally sweet and offers a refreshing aroma and delicate, smooth taste as it is," added Twining.

To make the perfect cup of Twinings Pure White Tea, follow the steps outlined below:
1. Fill the kettle with new water - tea loves oxygen and using the freshest water will give you the best taste.
2. Bring the water to the boil and remove from the heat. For the best flavour, white tea should be made with slightly cooler water, so wait 4-5minutes after boiling until the water is at approximately 90-95 degrees Celsius before brewing.
3. To maintain the subtle taste of the delicate white tea, use one tea bag per person and one for the pot.
4. Brew the tea for up to one minute.
5. Remove the tea bags and serve without milk or sugar.

Twinings Pure White Tea is available from Coles Supermarkets in a 20 pack of individually wrapped sachets. The 20 pack of Twinings Pure White Tea is $5.99 RRP.


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