Psychic Hysteria Double Vanity

Psychic Hysteria Double Vanity

Melbourne-based three-piece Double Vanity are all dim lighting, velvet curtains and crystal tears. Double Vanity creates a brave new genre, Airportwave; an evolution of future-funk, dysto-punk, and experimental sounds. With exciting gifts of warm fuzzy analogue synths from another dimension, their debut, self-titled single, Double Vanity - out today - is a welcoming, open-armed embrace with miles of smiles, two full rows of teeth, and blood, sweat and dystopia.

The track just premiered on Trouble Juice: "Although sonically dense, 'Double Vanity' finds beauty in melody and the power in raw emotion. While it is their debut single, the band feels fully formed - a seasoned group of musicians showing all the footnotes of an important band to come." - Daniel Devlin

Double Vanity is composed of talented songwriters Sarah Blaby (Remake/Remodel, Plaster of Paris) on guitar and bass, Zec Zechner (Bracode, Plaster of Paris) on vocals, and Amy Chapman (Dumb Whales) on synth, bass and vocals, and a trusty Rhythm Ace drum machine.

Zec's lyrics deliver striking imagery and visual explorations into new worlds. Dark themes are delivered with insight, lightness, mindfulness and humour. With a set to elevate the mood, Double Vanity's dark-edged brand of synthwave is raw, authentic and 100% emotional heart-healing.

While each member brings a hearty tote bag of experience to the stage, Double Vanity is relatively new to the Melbourne music scene and has already shared a stage with the likes of Pinch Points, Hearts and Rockets, Dark Water, Venetian Blinds, F.C.K., Is It Light Where You Are, Laura Imbruglia, Dyadon, Tender Buttons and many more.

In this track, their first of an upcoming full-length vinyl release out on Psychic Hysteria in late 2020, Double Vanity invites you into a futuristic dreamscape of DIY heaven, into a mystical land full of miraculous reveals. It's a valium plateau of voice-activated house-bots.

We would love any airplay or support for this single, and be sure to let us know if you would like to organise any interviews, or need any further info. If sharing online please use this Bandcamp link: